Asian Buffets in Metz, France and Surrounding Areas (Part 1)

One of my husband’s passion in life is eating at Asian Buffets. There was a time when every time we ate out was to eat at Asian buffets. I understand the Husband’s point when he says that the advantages of eating at a buffet is the wide choice of food and the affordable price. But …

I’ve come at a point where the advantages are not as appealing anymore.

Since a couple of years ago, I’ve noticed that Asian Buffets have been popping out everywhere. Buffets and sports gym. Pretty convenient, huh?

We haven’t tried all the buffets in town, although for a while I thought that might be the Husband’s goal. But we’ve been to a few already. So here’s part 1 and perhaps in a few months, there might be a part 2 (??).

So here are the Asian buffets we’ve been at in order of preference:

10. Que Huong in Saint Avold, France (1/10)                                                                   So far, this is the worst Asian buffet we’ve eaten at. The place was dirty and dark and the food choice was limited. Never again.


9. Qin’s in Talange, France (1.5/10)                                                                                Although this was one of the rare places to offer unlimited beverage, the cleanliness of the place was questionable. Never again.


8. Indochine in Metz, France (1.5/10)                                                                         The clear soup was quite good and refreshing. The grilled beef on the other hand was horribly tough and bland! I couldn’t even eat more than one bite!


7. Etoile d’Or in Forbach, France (2/10)                                                                            In all honesty, I had completely forgotten about eating here. To me, a foggy memory means there was nothing good to remember.


6. Le Nouveau Siecle in Nancy, France (3/10)                                                                This was the first ever Asian Buffet I experienced when I arrived in France in 2011. When Dad arrived, I also brought him here. And then when the Husband and Baby Girl arrived, I also brought them here. It’s not the best buffet out there. In fact, I find that it is a bit limited in choices and after a while, I quickly got tired of eating here.


5. Le Siecle d’Or in Jouy-aux-Arches, France (4/10)                                                    The next 3 buffets are pretty much the same to me. What they have in common is that they have one thing that I absolutely love. For example, I loved the Sauteed Shrimps here.


4. La Fontaine du Bonheur in Metz, France (4/10)                                                        This is the closest Asian Buffet from our home. From time to time, we will get take-away food from this place. I think it’s pretty practical especially on a busy day. I absolutely loved their Beignet de Crevettes! 


3. Etoile de Chine in Jouy-aux-Arches (4/10)                                                               I I fell in love with the Sauteed Mussels here!


2. City Wok in Metz, France (6/10)                                                                                     This place gets a 6 because of its cleanliness, a Sushi chef (so none of that industrial sushi here!), and a pretty great wok station.

and finally ….

1. Super Wok in Moulins-les-Metz, France (7/10)                                                        One of the best buffets I’ve ever been to. You can’t go wrong here. Seriously. What I love here is the Sushi, Fresh Seafood, but most especially the Wok. I always always get a plate of seafood cooked with an excellent oyster and garlic sauce. For the win!


So, what do you think of Asian buffets? Which one is your favorite?

xoxo Elodie

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