Throwback Thursday: Valentine’s Day 2013

For the past couple of weeks, the Husband and I went back and forth our Valentine’s Day plans. We wanted to eat out and then we didn’t. We wanted to do an activity and then we didn’t. I was thinking of trying an Indian restaurant. He wanted to do a culinary class together. But we couldn’t decide. I had already asked Dad to babysit Baby Girl for us and he agreed (after I bribed him with a promise that I would cook a Quiche Lorraine and an Apple Cake). Basta, all I knew was that the Husband and I would go out for Valentine’s Day. What’s great about the both of us – is that it doesn’t take much for us to be happy, just as long as we’re together. 🙂

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Valentine’s Day 2019


Happy Valentine’s Day!!! ❤️ ❤️

I’m going to let you in a little secret about me. The Husband is too much of a gentleman to say it, so I will. I’m a pest. I’m a pain in the ass. I am the girl you hate to love (and maybe love to hate?). I tell my husband that I don’t like flowers and that I don’t want to receive a bouquet for Valentine’s. But you know what? The Husband learned the hard way that no bouquet meant having a wife in a bad mood the whole day. LOL.

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Chez des Amis in Metz, France


A couple of days ago, the Husband, Baby Girl, and I spent a morning at Baby Girl’s future middle school. It was a Portes Ouvertes event and it was the opportunity for us to check out her school. She is starting middle school next school year and we thought it was important to accompany her in discovering and exploring her new school. We are not the perfect parents, but we love our daughter very much and try our best. I can’t remember how I felt starting middle years ago, but I know that my parents support meant extremely a lot!


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The Last Snow of the Year


Apparently, this will be the last snow of the year (and the most we’ve had). Although I hate taking my car when it’s snowing and I’m constantly stressed about black ice, it’s kinda sad to think of how little snow we have nowadays. I can’t help but think that by the time Baby Girl will be an adult, there might be a possibility of no snow. That, sadly, it will become a thing of the past.

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Birchbox – Amour etc … – Février 2019


Ahhh l’amour ..that feeling that makes the world go round. Uhm … really?

I know the month of February is all about love, especially because of Valentine’s day. But to me, Valentine’s is just like any other day. A good friend of mine says I feel this way because I’ve been in a good and healthy relationship for so long. I warned her that she might be turning a little bit cynical.

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Buffalo Grill in Metz, France


I am still sick and stuck at home, so I figured I would spend some time with the blog. As I was going through my photos, I came across some pictures from last November. I started smiling when I saw the photos from Baby Girl’s and my dinner at Buffalo Grill in Metz, France last November 2018. I wondered why I had never thought of posting them online, so I thought I would do that this week. I’ve also added some old posts I had posted in my old food blog (click here and here).


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