Beauty Boxes – July 2017

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It’s that time of the month again for me to show you the beauty boxes I received for the month of July. Just like the month of June (click here for the post), I stuck with the three – Glossybox, My Little Box, and Birchbox. And just like last month, I was pleasantly surprised but a little disappointed too.

Glossybox – Summer Bag (15.50 Euros / month) Surprise, surprise … we received the July and August box together. So instead of getting 5 products, I got 12! But this also means that I won’t be opening any box in August. Sad. Here are the products (I wasn’t able to try all of the products yet) :

  • Lilas Blanc body scrub
  • Qiriness leg wrap
  • Elgan cleansing conditioner
  • Youthlab sunscreen cream
  • De Bruyere eau de beauté Aloha
  • Monu after sun lotion
  • Mon Joli Sautoir tattoo
  • Palmers hydrating milk
  • Benefit Dew the Hoola liquid bronzer
  • Luxie contouring brush
  • Rodial mascara
  • Papanga hair tie

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My Little Box – Coquillages (16.90 Euros / month)

  • La Pochette Reveuse (it can turn into an inflatable pillow!)
  • Mini-lanterns
  • My Little Beauty body scrub
  • Le Roudoudou candy
  • Adopt eau de parfum – Aqua Liguria
  • Garancia cleansing water

Unfortunately the referral code is still not up on the website. :,(


Birchbox – Summer Box (13 Euros)

  • *Birchbox Comb
  • *Kueshi Shampoo
  • *Polaar eye contour
  • *Laqa & co cheeky lip
  • *Senteurs d’Orient Soap

If you’re interested in subscribing to this box, here is my referral code:

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