Buffalo Grill in Semecourt, France (June 2015)


Last March, I experienced dining for the first time in Buffalo Grill in Semecourt, France and it will most probably be the last one. It was such a bad experience that I had totally forgotten about it until I was browsing through my pictures today. My first time ever trying a Buffalo Grill was 2 years ago (click here fore the post) in the ZAC d’Augny and looking back it wasn’t so bad. This time, in Semécourt, was plain horrible.


I arrived at 12:15PM and not a lot of tables were occupied. I was told to sit at a table in the corner. All alone in the corner. There was a single booth with barely any space to slide into. I tried to move the table, but it was glued shut to the floor. I ate the whole time barely breathing sucking in my stomach. Phewww. To make matters worst, the table was sticky and stuck to my arm throughout the meal. I hated that. 🤬 🤬


Complimentary Salad


Complimentary Bread


Complimentary Popcorn – I know Buffalo Grill is American-themed, but honestly the complimentary popcorn was too much. I barely touched this and I can’t help but wonder if it was served to someone else.


I can’t remember what kind of Cocktail this was. All that I can remember is that it was too sweet. I asked a pitcher of free water to counteract the sweetness. The candies were a nice decor, but I’m not a kid and I would have rather had some fresh fruits instead.


I chose the Louisiana speciality, Jambalaya (12.90 Euros). It was made of spiced rice accompanied of chicken wings, onion rings, spiced sausages, and corn. I found everything very oily. I had the unpleasantness in my mouth for the rest of the day. There was really nothing special about the onion rings, chicken wings, and corn. The sausages, unfortunately, were rock hard and impossible to eat!

I don’t usually like writing bad posts about establishments, but this one will thankfully serve as a constant reminder of why I shouldn’t be tempted to come back here again.

xoxo Elodie



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