Beautiful Box – Cuteness Overload – April 2019


Hey guys! ūüôā

The moment I opened this month’s Beautiful Box by Au Feminin I heard my 10-year old daughter squeal in delight behind me. ¬ę¬†Can I have it please Mama? Please?¬†¬Ľ ¬ę¬†Uhm sure¬†¬Ľ, I replied, ¬ę¬†but only the box. The stuff inside is mine.¬†¬Ľ ¬ę¬†Well duh, Mom!¬†¬Ľ Then I saw the Panda. Oops, okay I understand now. LOL.


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Fraisier (my first time!!)

Personally, I am not much a dessert-person. In a restaurant, I will most likely choose a starter over a dessert most times. If I ever do choose a dessert, it will most probably be something with chocolate during ¬ę¬†that time of the month¬†¬Ľ. When I was living in the Philippines, I had a lot of difficulty with local desserts. In fact, I can’t decide what my favorite Filipino dessert is. I usually would go with a platter of fresh fruits. Oh yeah, Philippines Mango are one of the best things ever! In France however, I do have a little weakness for the Fraisier.

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Prescription Lab – Folie Douce – April 2019

La Folie Douce aka Love Crazy – what is it exactly?? It’s so difficult to explain in words!

It’s hard to describe what it is, but the way I see it, it’s like the way I fell in love with my husband. Falling in love – some fall quick and hard, others get struck. The Hubby got struck and according to him, he knew he wanted me to be the mother of his future children. I took my time. I went along the crazy adventure, enjoyed every moment, and found a love I didn’t even think I deserved. When I saw the ¬ę¬†Folie Douce¬†¬Ľ phrase on the shirt, I couldn’t help but think about that.

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