Celebrating Philippine Independence Day in Paris – July 1, 2018

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Hello! 👋

Today we are celebrating Independence Day in the Philippines. A day to commemorate the independence of the Philippines from Spain.

Truthfully, growing up in the Philippines, we didn’t really celebrate this day. Sure, this was a public holiday and we were off from school, but there wasn’t any military parade (like it is done in France) or special ceremony. Hmmmm … Perhaps there might have been but I was too young or not too interested then. Oops. 🤭

Today was a typical day. Both the Husband and I worked and Baby Girl was at school. Buttttt …. we are going to Paris in 2 weeks to properly celebrate this day.

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If things go well, we will be spending the weekend of June 29-July 2 in Paris to celebrate with our fellow countrymen. I’ve also read online that there will be lots of traditional Filipino cuisine and street food such as Kwek-Kwek, Fish Ball, Lechon Baboy, Kare-Kare, and many more. My mouth is watering just by the thought of it!

Here’s our plan so far – we are arriving on Friday evening and leaving on Monday early afternoon. Sunday will be spent at the Stade La Muette for the Pista sa Paris celebration, but I also want to check out other places. I am currently looking to reserve our accommodation (hotel or Airbnb) and I’ve made a list of places we’re hoping to go to. Here it is:

  1. Autour du Yangtse Restaurant – to have some of my favorite Xiao Long Bao (!!!)
  2. Five Guys – American burgers
  3. Jeongan̩ РKorean BBQ
  4. O Corcovado – Brazilian specialties
  5. Poké Bar
  6. Angelina Tea Room – Mont Blanc and Hot Chocolate
  7. Berthillon – ice cream
  8. L’Etoile d’Or Denise Acabo – the chocolate and candy shop

I know, I know – at some point our stomachs are going to burst. 😅😅 We just really want to take advantage of being in Paris to try out things that we don’t find in Metz.

Anyways, I don’t remember if I mentioned this earlier, but our little family of 3 has only been in Paris all together once before. Since then, I’ve returned with the Husband and Baby Girl but separately. The next posts to come will be of all the places and things we did on those previous trips.

Do you any places interesting for us to check out? Let me know! 😀

xoxo Elodie



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