Coquillettes Jambon

Hello everyone! How are you all doing?

As you might know, I am half Filipino-half French and I am married to a Filipino man. As Filipinos, it is part of our culture and heritage to eat rice everyday. Back in the Philippines, we ate rice up to 3 times a day, but here in France we usually have rice once a day. But that’s just because breakfast is usually a quick one and we don’t usually eat lunch at home. I was told recently by a client that apparently Asians have a sort of stomach enzyme which makes it easier to eat and digest rice. I still have to confirm that information. While eating rice so regularly is a real pleasure for us, it’s not the case for our daughter, Baby Girl. She has a hard time understanding why rice is so frequent on our dining table. LOL. If she could cook our meals, she would prepare pasta and French fries. I do try to cook pasta from time to time, but I never make fries at home. The smell of cooking fried potatoes is not one that I particularly like, so we save that for when we go to the restaurant.

But like I mentioned, I do prepare pasta from time to time. Spaghetti Carbonara, Bolognese, or sometimes with just butter to accompany meat.

Recently, I discovered that one of the most favorite dish of French kids is Coquillettes Jambon. After a week of school tests, Baby Girl happily came home with the results. She had validated her lessons. Just for info – in France, elementary school teachers don’t give a grade to the students. They just write whether the students validated the lesson (acquis), is in the process of validating the lesson (en cours d’acquisition), or hasn’t validated the lesson (non acquis). She had two out of two acquis. Yay!!!

I decided I would reward her with a nice dinner of Coquillettes Jambon, which is ridiculously easy to make and perfect for those quick dinners. In return, I got the world’s biggest hug and loving kisses. Who cares if I didn’t eat rice that night!


Coquilettes Jambon


  • Butter
  • Ham, sliced in squares
  • Cooked Coquillette pasta
  • Grated Cheese
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper

I don’t remember the amount I used for each ingredient. I sort of just estimated what I needed for each as desired.

First, make sure that the coquillette pasta is hot. Add butter. Stir. Add the ham. Stir. Season with salt and black pepper. Finally, sprinkle with grated cheese. You may add crème fraiche or cream if desired.

Yep, it’s that easy! 😉

Serve hot and enjoy!

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