Emma & Chloé x Audrey Langlois – March 2019

Hey guys! Let’s talk jewelry today. 🙂

For the month of March, Emma & Chloé partnered with Audrey Langlois to come up with the Jonc Salomé. I looked online and found out that Audrey Langlois is in fact a jewelry designer based in Paris. Her designs are inspired by her travelling experiences. I checked out her website and there are many beautiful pieces (click here for the site).


What I love best about this bracelet is the fact that it’s so discrete, almost fragile and vulnerable. A nice thin touch of gold on my wrist.

Emma & Chloé x Audrey Langlois – March 2019                                                   Jonc Salomé – worth: 39 Euros                                                                              Matiere: laiton doré à l’or 750/1000ème                                                                            Designé en France                                                                                                                  Price: 28.90 Euros (delivery fees included)

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xoxo Elodie    

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