Five Guys Fastfood in Paris, France


I feel like everyone knows Five Guys. If not for their burger, then thanks to President Obama’s love story with them. I remember a couple of years ago, while going through current events I stumbled on articles about President Obama visiting Five Guys for dinner. I also remember thinking that for a guy who seemed like a health nut, he sure loved his Five Guys burger. I promised myself that I would have one, one day and see what the presidential hype was all about.


In 2016, Five Guys finally opened its first branch in Paris, France. Since then, new branches have been popping out almost everywhere across the country. Sadly there isn’t one in the city I live in right now, but there are 2 in a 45 minutes – 1 hour radius (Nancy and Luxembourg).


On our recent trip to Paris (click here for the link), we decided to have lunch at Five Guys.


As soon as we got to the place, we paid for our orders and tried to find seats. Emphasize tried. We were about to give up when lovely Filipino ladies gave us their seats.


I later saw that there were more seats downstairs. But honestly, we wanted to stay where the action was taking place.


By action, I mean the kitchen of course. I love that you can see everything (who’s handling your order, how it’s made, etc … )


Here’s what we ordered:

1 Cheeseburger – 10 Euros                                                                                                   1 Cheeseburger – 10 Euros                                                                                                    1 Cheese Hotdog – 6.50 Euros                                                                                              1 French Fries (medium) – 5.00 Euros                                                                              1 Strawberry Milkshake – 6.50 Euros

TOTAL: 38 Euros


Baby Girl had a Cheese Hotdog. The only topping she asked for were mushrooms. She didn’t even want any sauce with her hotdog and she absolutely loved it!


What’s great about Five Guys is that you can ask for as many toppings as you want. Here’s what I usually love on my burger: lettuce, onion, mushrooms, jalapeno, and ketchup.


The Husband loves his burger with more toppings. He asked for onion, grilled onions, mushrooms, jalapeno, lettuce, ketchup, and mayonnaise! I couldn’t help laughing at him attempt to eat his burger.

Have you been to Five Guys already? What do you think? Personally, we thought the burgers were really good and the service quite quick despite the number of diners. I guess I’m not too surprised that President Obama loves it here!

xoxo Elodie

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