Happy Holy Communion, Baby Girl!


Baby Girl’s communion was probably one of the best and proudest moment I’ve experienced this year. Contrary to her baptism, where we held her in our arms as she was bathed with Holy Water, this time Baby Girl accepted the Holy Sacrament of God all on her own. And she shined!

Our journey to this day started in September 2017. Baby Girl expressed her desire to have her communion and we agreed to accompany her. As much as religion was part of our (the Husband’s and my) education, we wanted Baby Girl to want this for herself and not out of obligation.

The preparation to the communion entailed sacrifice, time, and hard work. We had regular meetings with the priest, Baby Girl had catechism class at lunch time on Mondays, Sunday mass, and special events. We tried our best. We are definitely not perfect and I did forget a couple of dates. Oops.

I also tried my best to manage the other side of the preparation – the lunch party and etc … In fact, I have written some blog posts about it. The Preparation (click here), The Invitations (click here), The Venue (click here), The Communion Dress (click here), and The Photographer (click here).

Saturday, May 26, 2018. At 9:45AM, we arrived at the church, Eglise St. Martin in the city center of Metz. Mass was scheduled for 10:30AM, but we wanted to be early especially to take pictures. Our 102 year old neighbor was with us along with our downstairs neighbor who is a very close friend of Baby Girl’s.

The mass was simple, but beautiful. The children were wonderful. I have to admit that a few tears escaped from my eyes. I would love to post more photos here, but I prefer to respect everyone’s privacy. I asked my family to come to mass, while our friends were asked to join us directly at the restaurant. After the mass, we took a couple of minutes to have our photos taken.

Then, we all took our car to the lunch venue, La Porcherie in Vigy. It took about 20 minutes. It’s a very beautiful place, with lots of green spaces. I particularly love this space outside. A lot of the guests did too.

It was a warm afternoon so the fresh drinks were highly appreciated. I can’t get over this outdoor space under a huge tree. It was, in my opinion, just perfect.

The establishment decorated the tables with just a white tablecloth, white table napkins, and menus. Too simple for me. I added little pots of flowers, a fortune cookie for each person, and handmade windmills as name plates. I also put the giveaways on the table to add colors.


The giveaways were:

  1. Communion cards – which Baby Girl wrote a thank you note on the back.
  2. Personalized M&M’s (www.mymms.eu)
  3. Personalized Candy Boxes (www.tadaaz.fr)  with candy-coated chocolates


Next – the food! 😋

As you probably guessed from the establishment’s name, lunch was Roasted Pork with Potatoes. The potatoes turned out to be the fluffliest ever. The pork was served with a beer sauce and the potatoes with a creamy chives sauce.

I was pretty hands-on with the dessert. I prepared a dessert table. La Porcherie provided the Nougat Glacé, but everything else was brought by us. Fruits on a Stick, Choux a la Vanille, Macarons, Strawberry Tart, Pistachio and Raspberry Cake, Chocolate Cake, Apricot Tart, and Marshmallows.

As I write this, I can’t help but think back of the joy and happiness we felt that day. There was so much laughter, that when I close my eyes I can still hear the people I love laughing around me. My wallet might seem a bit lighter today, but I have absolutely no regrets.


Oh and if you’re wondering which dress we ended up getting. Well, it was this Zara one. It was perfectly in the theme of the communion. I feel like I used the adjective « perfect » a million times in this blog post. But yeah – everything was perfectly perfect!

Photo credit: www.georgemurphy.com (except for the last one)


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