Invitations by MonFairePart (First Communion Series #2)

Hello! 😊

I can’t believe Baby Girl’s communion is exactly 39 days from today. When I was 15, I used to complain in my room about how slowly days would pass. But now??? I don’t even see them pass!

Anyways, first thing in my list of preparation is ….. the guest list and the invitations!

(I know I should probably write about the venue, but that will be in the next post.)


So, who do we invite? Family and friends, of course. But according to our budget, not more than 40 persons. Personally, I’d rather be in a small group and eat and drink well, than having lots of guests and limit ourselves when it comes to the quality of the food. It’s our choice.

We don’t have a lot of family here. I have my French family, which includes my sister, her husband, and their kids. We’ve also included my sister’s in-laws, who have always treated me as their own. These are my adoptive aunts, uncles, and cousins. 🙂

Add to this list, new friends who have become dear to us in the past 6 years. We would invite some of Baby Girl’s friends, but they are also celebrating their communion.

All in all, that’s about 30 persons, excluding kids.

Two months before D-Day – I sent a text message to our guests. This was more of a save-the-date message. I think 2-3 months before is perfect to first contact the guests for a communion. It’s not too early that guests might forget and not too late too.

*Note: Most communions in France are on a Sunday. Baby Girl goes to a private school and they’re doing it on a Saturday as an exception. If your guests are family members, you can pretty much know if they are invited to other communions at that time. But with friends, you might not.


Choosing the invitation. I went the simple (lazy?) way. One evening, Baby Girl and I sat down in front of the laptop. We simply googled « invitations communion ». We browsed through the results until Baby Girl found one she really liked.

MonFairePart (

As simple and easy as it can get. We clicked on the invitation Baby Girl liked. Edited, uploaded, modified, saved, and hop – it was time to pay!

Product: Faire-part communion. Papier Couché Mat.                                                  Quantity: 30 x 1.59 Euros                                                                                                        Enveloppe: 0.00 Euros                                                                                                           Frais d’impression / Printing Cost: 1.44 Euros                                                                Remise / Discount (5%): 2.46 Euros                                                                                     Delivery cost: 2.90 Euros

Total: 49.58 Euros


*Dumb mistake: 30 guests does not equal 30 invitations! I completely forgot that most were couples. Never mind, we kept the extras to put in a frame and scrapbook. I’ve also kept some aside to send to my in-laws abroad.

*Discount: I went looking online for discount codes. 5% might not be much for free, but it’s 5%! This meant delivery was free with the discount I got.

*Pay attention to details: before saving your creation- double, triple, quadruple check for mistakes!

*Professional customer service: do what I say, not what I do! In line with what I said above, I somehow ended up making a mistake anyway. When I realized my mistake, I quickly sent an email to the customer service agent, who took care of the situation quickly and professionally. Again, thank you!

*Delivery: I paid for the product on the 27/03/2018, the invitations arrived on the 03/04/2018. It was the Easter weekend, so this might explain the slight delay. No worries. Along with our order, they included a thank you note.


So, what do I think of MonFairePart? 👍👍👍

What about you? Where do you have your invitations done?

xoxo Elodie



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