My Morning Skincare Routine – Spring 2018

Hello everyone! Today I will share with you my morning skincare routine – especially for this Spring. When I arrived in France, I realized that because of the different seasons my skincare had to change according to it.

I’ve never really had problems or issues with my skin. Thankfully, I was lucky not to experience acne and I hope I will never have to. I’m hoping that it’s genetic as both of my parents have great skin. Currently, my skin is still recovering from the dry winter and is slowly transitioning to spring.


So, here is my morning routine:

Nivea Essentials                                                                                                               Crème Nettoyante Douceur                                                                                             Almond oil and Hydra IQ                                                                                                    For dry and sensitive skin

Apply on wet face and neck. Gently massage in circular movements. Rinse using lukewarm water.


Barbara Gould                                                                                                                 l’Eau Micellaire Bio                                                                                                               Face, Eyes, Lips                                                                                                                       All skin including sensitive skin

Using a cotton pad, apply on the face, eyes, and lips.


Absolution                                                                                                                           Le Sérum Anti-Soif

Apply everyday on clean face as your daily dare or under your usual cream.

I love love love this product. I instantly see a positive effect after using this on my skin. Sometimes, I’ll stop my skincare routine at this point.


Polaar Icy Magic                                                                                                                     Eye Contour Energiser                                                                                                           With Siberian Ginseng

Apply by massaging the under eye contour and around the eyelid.

I personally love most of the Polaar products, including this one.


Sensibiafine                                                                                                                      Creme Visage Hydratante Apaisant                                                                             Normal – Mixed skin, Sensitive Skin

Apply on a clean face and neck.


During the day, I’ll sometimes use a smoothing mist.

Yves Rocher                                                                                                                             Sensitive Végétal                                                                                                          Brume Apaisante / Soothing Mist                                                                                 Sensitive Skin

Spray on your face as needed during the day.

I don’t like this product because of its spray nozzle. On the other hand, it does leave my skin refreshed after each use.

xoxo Elodie



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