Netflix and Chill: May and June 2018

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Hello! Here I am again. 😀

May was a month full of public holidays so I had plenty of time to spend on Netflix. Plus, it was raining quite a bit in May and June, so we couldn’t really spend any time outdoors. But anyways, I love Netflix so this was pure pleasure!

Finished (Series)

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Riverdale – Season 2

I, for example, got great pleasure from finishing Riverdale’s Season 2. Like the French say, c’etait du grand n’importe quoi! Simply put, it was a mess. Quite pathetic. If I ever do watch season 3, it’ll be because someone has a gun on me.


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Chesapeake Shores – Season 2

I liked the first season of Chesapeake Shores and I binge-watched the second season. Quite frankly, it’s a feel-good kind of series. You follow the story of this big family living in a small town, with its ups and downs.


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Sense8 – final episode

Sense8 is easily one of my favorite series ever and I was so looking forward to this final episode. It’s a bittersweet feeling. On one hand I’m sad that it ended, but on another I’m glad that it ended the way it did. Unfortunately, nowadays, lots of series are stretched out as far as possible to generate as much money as possible, but the plot line gets all messed up. I’m happy that it wasn’t the case with Sense8. And I’m also grateful that they listened to the thousands of fans around the world and decided to make that one final episode to conclude this beautiful journey of sensates.



Currently Watching (Series)

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Shadowhunters – Season 1

I honestly don’t know why I decided to start this one. It isn’t so much the story line that bothers you, but the acting … Grrr … is so horrible!


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The Flash – Season 3

The Flash is our family series. We watch it the three of us – the Husband, Baby Girl, and I. We were quite excited to hear that the third season was finally here. But mannn is it confusing with the whole going-back-in-time several times! We watched the first episode and honestly hesitate about watching the rest.



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The Kissing Booth

High school teenage love stories : my guilty pleasure! Haha 😅 I still can’t believe it’s been 15 years since I was in high school myself. Buttt, but, but… I don’t feel much older!


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From Prada to Nada

Most movies we watch on Netflix are the family-oriented kind, including this one. We had fun watching two girls who grew up having everything, needing nothing, ending up losing everything, and starting again from scratch.


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Voyage au Centre de la Terre 2: l’Ile Mysterieuse / Journey 2 : The Mysterious Island 

Another family movie. A lot adventure, a little romance, family love, and mystery.


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Sexy Dance 5

There was Sexy Dance 1, Sexy Dance 2, Sexy Dance 3, and Sexy Dance 4. So naturally, we had to watch Sexy Dance 5. It was nice to see the dancers from the previous movies.


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Step Sisters

I never would have thought Step was a thing now. Stomp it while it’s hot. Literally.


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Petit Coups Montés / Set It Up

A cute story of 2 busy assistants who decide to set up their super demanding bosses. It’s nice without being woah!!!


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Julie & Julia

I had already watched this movie when it first came out a couple of years ago. Actually, I read the book first and then watched the movie. I love Julia as a chef and I discovered her as a woman. I also love Julie Powell and her project. I honestly felt her pain when she found out Julia Child wasn’t too impressed by her project and the two women never met. I have to admit I was a little disappointed with Julia Child for that. I had her book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking but sadly I left it in the Philippines when I came to France. I would love to have it again. *hint hint to the Husband*



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13 Novembre Fluctuat Nec Mergitur

Who can ever forget Friday, November 13, 2015? I won’t. I know where I was, what I was doing exactly, followed by a sleepless night, and a complicated Saturday morning at work. 137 deaths, many injured. I had to prepare myself psychologically before watching this documentary because it is composed of testimonies of survivors who have escaped, but have also lost loved ones. At one point, a survivor described how noisy the scene of the attack was – people were screaming for help, shouting in pain, crying in fear – but at the same time it was dead quiet from shock. That truly moved me.


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Les Bleus – Une Autre Histoire de France

Losing the Euro 2016 at home was painful. This documentary shows the impact of the national soccer team on the country. When we win, everyone is happy and problems are set aside for a little moment. When we lose, it’s …. never mind. It was great to see the ups and downs of the French soccer history. The ups being the win of the World Cup in 1998 and the European Cup in 2000. Of course, the infamous strike of the World Cup 2000 will remain the worst. It hasn’t been easy for the team to gain back the trust and affection of the public since that incident.


Stand-Up Comedy

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Gad Elmaleh: American Dream

On a lighter note, Gad’s American Dream is hilarious. Considering my job, I just had to watch it and the Husband and I really loved it.

My English Teacher: “Gad, you have to know where the stress is in the words.”
Me: “The stress is EVERYWHERE!”


xoxo Elodie

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