11 Novembre 2018 – Baby Girl’s once in a lifetime!


taken from: http://memesanssourcilsjesuiscanon.over-blog.fr/article-15809603.html

It’s amazing how you can pass by the same monument almost every single day and not realize what it really is.

Monument aux Morts. Located in the city center of Metz, France – not too far from the Porte Serpenoise. A monument to represent the war of 1914-1918. You see a woman, perhaps a wife, a widow, or a mother, holding a dead naked soldier in her arms. We don’t know if he was a French or a German soldier. All we know is that he gave his life for the war.

Have you lost a family member because of the war?

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Beauty Box: Prescription Lab – October 2018


Another month, another Prescription Lab box. Unlike last month’s box, I was a little disappointed this time around. Click here for the post. Was it because there was no jewelry included? Maybe. Was it because they added a dietary supplement instead of a beauty product? I think so. But I’ve spoken to quite a few number of friends who has told me that it’s a great products …. so we’ll see!


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Moving to France … (7th year anniversary)

When Baby Girl was born, the Husband and I decided to move to France. The obvious reasons were first financially, of course. Why else do so many Filipinos move to other countries, right?!  Second, I’m half-French and so is Baby Girl. I wanted her to grow up and know the French culture first-hand. Kinda like I did many years ago. As far as I can remember, my childhood years in France were some of the best years of my life. But that might also be because my mom wasn’t sick yet. My dad used to work a lot, so it was just me and her. I’ll always be thankful for those years because that’s how I like to remember my mom.

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