Starbucks in Metz, France


A couple of weeks ago, a French trainee of mine came back from a business trip in the US. We talked about it and he shared some of the culture shocks he experienced. Since I’ve been living in France (almost 8 years now!), I’ve constantly experienced culture shocks of my own, so it was interesting to hear a French point-of-view for once. Out of the many anecdotes he shared was Starbucks. On his first morning in Chicago, his colleague told him he would pick him up to have breakfast. He brought him to Starbucks. His colleague suggested taking a break in the middle of the day. They went to the nearest Starbucks. Then they went out for dinner. They ate their main dish and dessert, but they didn’t have coffee like French people do at the end of a meal. When they got in the car, he believed they were going home. Turns out, his colleague was driving them to …. yes, you guessed it – Starbucks. « Why didn’t we have coffee at the end of the meal back in the restaurant? », he asked himself.

Although this shocked my trainee, it does not shock me. It’s the way I grew up. Starbucks is much more than a cup of coffee to me. It is a collection of memories of drinking coffee, working, finding creative ideas, and especially chatting with friends. In fact, I remember a time in my life where my days started and ended in Starbucks.


For the past couple of years, I’ve been bitching about the fact that there was no Starbucks in the city I live in, Metz. When I had a craving, I would drive an hour to Germany or take advantage of when I was in Paris (click here for the post). And then, I heard Starbucks opening branches in cities nearby (Strasbourg and Nancy). I figured it was only a matter of time when they would finally open a branch in Metz. And then in July 2018, it finally did. Starbucks opened a branch in the train station of the city center.


After learning that Starbucks finally opened, Baby Girl and I decided to have an afternoon delight there. I think I’ve created a Starbucks Baby Monster as she’s been begging to go there ever since that day.


This is pretty much your typical Starbucks place. I would love to get some of that coffee someday, but I need to buy a coffee grinder for that first.


The sandwiches and desserts are pretty much the same too. Aside from the Cheesecake, nothing else attracts me. Plus, I find that the prices are pretty high!


We decided to share 2 sandwiches and a slice of the cheesecake ….


Iced Mocha Blanc and Blueberry Cheesecake (this one is without the cheesecake) Frappuccino


Of course, we just had to come back for more. Like I mentioned earlier, Baby Girl has become attached to Starbucks herself. So after the first day of her « stage » in school today, I thought I’d surprise her with a trip to Starbucks.


Strawberry and Cream Frappuccino and Caffe Latte

Have you been to the Starbucks in Metz, France? What’s your favorite Starbucks drink?

xoxo Elodie






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