Choosing the Communion Dress (First Communion Series #4)

It’s another day which means it’s another day closer to Communion Day.
Lately, it feels like my mind has been taken over by the communion and that’s all I can think about. I am really super excited for Baby Girl. Plus, she is the only child that we have and will probably only have, so this is our first and last time to ever prepare for this day. Nothing can stop me at this point. 😆😆

Anyways …

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The Venue: Restaurant La Porcherie in Vigy, France (First Communion Series #3)

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One more month and it’s Baby Girl’s first communion. I am divided in 3 parts. One part just wants it all to be done with, another part is very excited for D-Day, and the last part is freaked out about not having enough time to finish it all.

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