Prescription Lab Janvier 2019


Ughh! I’m afraid I might be coming down with something. Baby Girl was a bit ill these past few days and I’ve been taking care of her. Every time she’s ill, I silently pray that she gets better quickly and let me get ill instead. An exchange of hostage / prisoner of some sort. Problem is, it works each and every single time. So today, she’s running around and feeling fine and I’m starting to feel like crap.

Thankfully, one good thing did happen today. My Prescription Lab package arrived!

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Beauty Box: Prescription Lab – October 2018


Another month, another Prescription Lab box. Unlike last month’s box, I was a little disappointed this time around. Click here for the post. Was it because there was no jewelry included? Maybe. Was it because they added a dietary supplement instead of a beauty product? I think so. But I’ve spoken to quite a few number of friends who has told me that it’s a great products …. so we’ll see!


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Prescription Lab – Septembre 2018

I’ve been eyeing the Prescription Lab beauty box for a while now, but I never took the final step to ordering it. I saw it a lot of times on Instagram and I always told myself I would try it someday. I really like the fact that some of the products in the box were full size and really useful which are actually the reasons why I was disappointed and stopped my subscription with Glossy Box and My Little Box (click here, here, and here for the posts).


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