Paris, France – Disneyland Paris (August 2014 Series #4 )


Every time Dad was discharged from the hospital in 2013, he would promise my daughter, Baby Girl, that he would bring her to Disneyland Paris one day. Unfortunately, he never got to. In the summer of 2013, we thought we could go on Baby Girl’s birthday, but Dad was hospitalized again and things went from bad to worse for him. Sadly sometimes, even if there’s a will, there’s also no way. Which is why ,we included a trip to Disneyland in our Paris trip. This meant we would spend one less day touring the city of Paris, but for our daughter we were capable of much more. This was also the Husband’s and my first time in Disneyland and we were quite excited to see what it felt like to be in « the happiest place in the world ».

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The Venue: Restaurant La Porcherie in Vigy, France (First Communion Series #3)

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One more month and it’s Baby Girl’s first communion. I am divided in 3 parts. One part just wants it all to be done with, another part is very excited for D-Day, and the last part is freaked out about not having enough time to finish it all.

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Casa Ricci in Metz, France

As promised in the previous post (click here to read it), today’s post will be about the Italian restaurant, Casa Ricci in Metz, France.

I’ve been hearing about this restaurant for as long as I can remember. My trainees are always telling to try it and I always reply sheepishly that I will one day. I’m so glad that I can finally say that I did and most importantly that I enjoyed it! 🙂

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Being Tourists in Metz, France

Yesterday we decided to spend the whole day in the city center of Metz. In a couple of months, Muse (commercial center) will open its doors and I am really excited about that. I know that a lot of people in the city center fear this opening as they feel that perhaps shoppers will prefer to go to Muse. Problem is, car park in the city center is a bit expensive, but on the other hand, I feel that shopping in the city center is more of a leisure. You definitely need to reserve an afternoon or even a day to just walk and shop at your own pace.

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Pizza Hut vs. Domino’s

Two weeks ago, I was craving for some pizza. This rarely ever happens because I don’t really like pizza. No wait I do, but I don’t really consider it like a meal. Do you get what I mean? For me, I’ll eat a slice of pizza as a starter (or an afternoon snack hihihi) and that’s fine, but a whole pizza – not my thing! For those who don’t know me, I’m weird like that. 😉

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