Throwback Thursday: Valentine’s Day 2013

For the past couple of weeks, the Husband and I went back and forth our Valentine’s Day plans. We wanted to eat out and then we didn’t. We wanted to do an activity and then we didn’t. I was thinking of trying an Indian restaurant. He wanted to do a culinary class together. But we couldn’t decide. I had already asked Dad to babysit Baby Girl for us and he agreed (after I bribed him with a promise that I would cook a Quiche Lorraine and an Apple Cake). Basta, all I knew was that the Husband and I would go out for Valentine’s Day. What’s great about the both of us – is that it doesn’t take much for us to be happy, just as long as we’re together. 🙂

And then the weather got in the way. We’re having rough temperatures these days; I don’t even remember how it feels to be in the positives anymore. Oh and the snow. I love seeing the white plains and the snow falling from the sky….from my window! Driving on it is another story.


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So after weeks of going back and forth (and considering the weather), the Husband and I decided on having a quaint little picnic and watch a movie. We enjoyed our little picnic (I prepared salads, tartines, and a cake) in the comfort of our warm car parked in the movie house parking, talking and laughing about everything and anything. Shoes off, hair down, sitting casually at the back of the car. We looked more like teenagers, than a couple that’s been together for 11 years! When the time came for us to get our movie tickets, we hurried and made our way to the movie theater. We decided to watch Les Miserables. It was either that, or Zero Dark Thirty, or Lincoln. Not exactly appropriate Valentine’s choices, but screw it. I grew up reading classics like Les Miserables and I was not disappointed by the musical / movie version. There were parts of the movie where I could not help but lean on the Husband’s shoulder to let out a tear or two. While many look up to Jean Valjean or Fantine, I’ve always been interested by the character of Inspector Javert.


After what seemed like a long time (3 hours I believe), the Husband and I made our way outside and to our surprise, the snow had decided to visit us while we were enjoying our date inside. But this was no simple snow storm. This was snow taking over our night with a vengeance. The snow flakes were as huge as my palm! I muttered a curse under my breath and wondered how the hell we would get home safely. I couldn’t help but remember the scene from The Vow where they come out of the movies and see the snow pouring down. This was exactly like it, except for the horrible accident that happened next. I was slightly frightened by the thought, but shook my head and took a little time to admire the view. There is just something magical about snow.


Thank you for a magical and memorable night, MR! ❤️
(that’s our car behind us, it was fun wiping the snow off with our sleeves *insert sarcasm*)

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