What Happened on New Year’s Eve 2017??

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? 🙂

Because I meet a lot people, thanks to my work, interesting things always seem to happen to me. My friends, trainees, and colleagues always tease me that I should write a compilation book.

Sadly though, I also tend to attract bad luck. A wise person once told me that God hands these challenges to the strongest ones, knowing that they can go through anything. If that’s the case, then I am a freaking superhero. ;p

But enough of that. The question is: What happened on New Year’s Eve??

This all started a couple of days before Christmas. I was having dinner with trainees-turned-friends at Angeluzzo.

Angeluzzo is a restaurant chain which serves Italian food. Pizza, Pasta, Risotto, and the likes. We went to the one in Saint-Julien-les-Metz, by the Kinepolis movie house. The food was fine. Comfort food.

(Little anecdote – they asked me what sauce I wanted for my French Fries. I asked them what they had. Ketchup, Mayonnaise, and Sauce Maison. I asked what the Sauce Maison was. The waiter answered it’s half ketchup and half mayonnaise. Okay LOL.)  

Anyways, we were talking about our New Year’s Eve plans and it turned out that a couple didn’t have any plans. In fact, we didn’t too. If you read my previous post (click here), you know that this wasn’t the best time of the year for me.

Then, a friend of mine suggested that we celebrate New Year’s Eve together at another friend’s house. Ha! Our friend happily agreed and I found myself in the role of the organizer / manager, which I must admit I quite like. I love hosting parties and organizing events – it’s my thing!

On my way home, I started thinking to myself (no offense to the guys out there! :p) Wait – this guy is single. He’s been single for a while now. He has a big house. Is his house clean? Does it have furniture?  I started to panic. I needed to do a house visit.

I called him the next day and delicately asked him if I go over to check his house.

This is where it gets juicy. Picture this – I was on the phone, the dog was trying to grab my attention, Baby Girl was in the background calling out « Mama, Mama », and I was also looking over my emails at the same time. I told him that the food was ready as well as the drinks and activities. I faintly remember him saying that he would take care of the dessert – Buche (Christmas Log Cake) with Crème Chantilly and Fresh Fruits. Great, I said and hung up.

Two days before D-day, I went to the house accompanied by a guy friend. Everything was good. I asked him, « how about your dessert? » Surprisingly, he answered, « No, I’m not making a dessert. I said I would make Biche with Crème Chantilly and Fresh Fruits. » I suddenly heard my good friend burst in laughter behind me.

What?? Wait – isn’t Biche a sort of meat?

He was going to serve – Deer Meat with Sweet Whipped Cream and Fresh Fruits??

Haha. Is this a joke? Is there a hidden camera? Is this a Christmas prank, whatever those are? Did I hear wrong? Did I understand wrong?

No to all of the above.

So, this is how, at 2AM on January 1, 2018, we sat down, already half-drunk, to fucking eat Deer Meat with Sweet Whipped Cream and Fresh Fruits. I was told that it’s an Austrian recipe. I tried to look online for more information. I found nothing. My friend, the deer chef, asked if I wanted the recipe.

« Yes, please give it to me so I can tear it down in pieces », I didn’t have the courage to say.

My husband, oh my dear husband, on the other hand didn’t hesitate to say what was exactly on his mind.

« I think this might be the first time I’ve had a main dish and a dessert at the same time », he said.

I think I might have hit him if he wasn’t more than half-drunk at this point. Everyone nervously laughed, knowing that in a couple of seconds we would have to dig in our plates.

Was it good? I got one word for you – NO.

On our plate, we had a warm slice of deer, topped with bottled whipped cream, and served with fresh fruits. The worst was that the whipped cream was melting from the warmth of the meat.

Armed with a shot of Jägermeister on each side, I quickly gobbled and swallowed the food. Hhmmm …

Was it good? Sorry, but no.

xoxo Elodie



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