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A Weekend in the Countryside

Hey, you! How are you doing today?

I am so glad that it’s the weekend. This week has been complicated with electricity, medical, and … just issues! You don’t realize how important electricity is important until it is removed from your life.

Anyways, I’m here to talk a little about our last weekend in the countryside.

The French side of my family lives about 50 kilometers from where I live in the city. They are farmers and are literally in the middle of nowhere. I always laugh about the fact that there are 150 inhabitants in their little town and 400+ cows! LOL

Baby girl has been staying with them since the beginning of her summer break. Since moving to the city from the countryside, she has mentioned that she misses the countryside. Plus, she loves spending time with her cousin (who is 24 years old).

Instead of picking her up on Saturday and bringing her back on Sunday, the husband and I decided we would spend the weekend with my family. Turns out, my sister and brother-in-law were away for the weekend, but we got to spend time with my niece and her new husband, and of course, baby girl.

By the way, I mentioned in my last post about going to see the National Day fireworks. Ughh! That was a dud. There was so many people in the city and the place where we could potentially watch the fireworks from was blocked by the police! So we ended up watching the fireworks partly driving the car and from the side of the street. It was shitty.

Although I love living in the city, I have to admit that being back in the countryside has done me good.

I couldn’t help but bring my work stuff with me, thinking I could catch up on work and get ahead. But honestly, once I got to my sister’s, I had zero courage to open my work bag. Instead, I finally got to finish Paulo Coehlo’sAdultery. I bought this book months ago, during the book fair in Metz and it took me this long to finish it.I didn’t like it.It’s most probably why it took me that long to get through it.

I also spent time watching baby girl climb up and down a tree for the first time. I am so not the kind of mom to be behind my child all the time, telling her what to do and not what to do. And I would definitely not be one to stop my daughter from climbing a tree. Heck, this is what my childhood was made of. I wasn’t 24/7 in front of a tablet or mobile phone. I was outside playing either on my own or friends and we were really happy.

Like I mentioned earlier, my French family are farmers. My brother-in-law has fields full of cereals, but he also has lots of cows (specifically the Charolaise type). I’m not sure precisely how many cows he has, but it sure is impressive. What’s also impressive is the way they look at you. While most are in the open fields during the summer, some are kept inside. I’ve always wondered what cows think when they look at me the way they do in the photo above.Are they afraid? Do they want to run over me?Eek! Do I really want to know?! The calves in the second photo look adorable. These babies were born late winter / early spring. They look so harmless. This is why I try to avoid eating veal. Of course, we brought along our dog, Bogart. I can’t help but scratch my head at the stuff he does at times. For example, he kept barking at the bull, but wanted to kiss the cows. LOL. He is definitely something else!

Child labor … LOL! 😆 😝

I don’t know how much about the farming life. Whenever we have a family get-together, I find it annoying that most subjects of discussion are around farming and etc. I have a tendency to shy away from this because after a while it does get old. Sorry guys! One thing that I do know is that those round thingies in the photos above are roundballers. Of course, my very French family says it more likewronbolleur. It took me a while to figure out that it was in fact an English word. LOL.

This was also the weekend that my niece was moving out and moving in her new apartment. They were pretty busy, the husband included. I offered to prepare dinner. I ended up making crepes for everyone. Crepes is always a good idea.

Unfortunately, as wonderful as the weekend was, we had to say our goodbyes on Sunday. Like they say, all good things must come to an end. And it was back to reality – the city, work, and all the other wonderful things waiting for us back home.

xoxo Elodie

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