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Back-to-School | La Rentrée 2023

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Hey, you! 😊

I find it amazing how each back-to-school or la rentrée as we call it in France brings out different emotions in me.

Of course each year, I tell myself, "oh my gosh, I have a (insert the age) year old! I can't believe it!" But it's always followed by different emotions.

Last year, I was feeling nostalgic and a bit sad, as you can see from the IG Reels (below) that I made then. It was her last year of middle school and I kept thinking about how few years we have left before she leaves for college. Yeah, I was very very sad. 😿

But this year, I was feeling very excited and pumped up about her starting high school and I wasn't sad at all! I loved high school and I feel like some of the best years of my life were in high school, before getting all serious in College. And soooo many things happen in high school for me. I mean, I met my husband in high school. I say this, but that doesn't mean I expect S to meet the love of her life in high school. If it happens great, but if it doesn't that's great too.

I think it's the sagittarian in me that hates endings and loves beginnings that causes me to have different emotions each back-to-school. Hahaha.

It seems that everything is going well so far - S is in the same class as her best friend and two other close friends so she's ecstatic. She's learning Chinese for the first time and in 2 years, they will go on a class trip to China! She is also what they call here in a 'Class Européenne' which means that two subjects are taught in English. I believe it's math and history, but I'm not too sure anymore. Haha. She loves it - the school, the people, her teachers, everything! And I'm so happy that it's going so well for her.

Anyways, here it is - another year down. By the way, high school is only three years in France, so I have two more years left before college. But hey, we're not sad about this, right? 😉😔

How was your child / children's back-to-school?

xoxo Elodie

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