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C'est la Rentrée 2019!!

Hello, you! On September 2, Baby Girl started Middle School. Middle School!!! It’s still a bit strange to hear, but anyways …

Looking back to my own experience, I don’t remember how big of a deal it was, but it seems a little so here in France. I mean in the past months, I’ve had several meetings at school to help us as parents help our kids. We also went to the open door event to check out the school and all.

I honestly feel like we understand the situation and we’re accompanying Baby Girl in this transition as well as we can. Because it really is a transition.

Gone is the system where the students have 1 single teacher that teaches all the subjects. In middle school in France, there is a respective teacher for each different subject. It’s kinda weird actually because in the Philippines, this is already the system in elementary school.

Anyways …

Aside from that, there is also detention and I know that one could potentially be difficult for Baby Girl. Just because she likes to be perfect and hates being scolded by her teachers. That girl actually pressures me to sign her papers and exercises as soon as possible so that it’s done with and tidied up in her correspondance folder!

You probably guessed it right – she absolutely insisted on being ready for D-Day. I totally get that though. The first day is critical and you have to make a good impression to friends and teachers.

For the school supplies, I like getting them online on the website: . I’ve done this once already before (click here for the post) and again I was not disappointed. The complete list was posted online after I typed in Baby Girl’s school and grade. Then I just had to click whatever I needed to buy. For example, her calculator from last year was still in perfect shape so we used that instead of buying a new one. Think about recycling and reusing supplies if you can.

If there is anything else I need I buy from Bureau Vallée because I am guaranteed to find what I need. And God knows I do. This is something I don’t get here in France. It’s been 2 weeks and Baby Girl has been coming home with a list of supplies to buy almost everyday.  Extra-fine coloured pens for the English teacher, yet another notebook for the Science teacher, a USB key, paper, …. Why wasn’t all of this in the initial list?? I’ve been going to Bureau Vallée 2 weekends in a row for Pete’s sake!

For Baby Girl’s backpack and pencil case, we paid a little visit to the store ça c’est moi! in the commercial center, Muse. They have a great selection of bags  and each year they like to sell last year’s selection for a discounted price. We bought Baby Girl’s Eastpak backpack 15€ off the original price. Her bag cost 35€ and the pencil case 10€.

And what do girls like us love to do? Shopping for clothes of course! A week before the first day of school, Baby Girl and took a little trip to the store, Zara. They have nice stuff for kids and not too expensive. On the photo above, you can see Baby Girl with her lilac-coloured Eastpak backpack, a yellow mustard dress (22,95€) from Zara, and Adidas Superstar trainers . The Zara dress is pretty versatile. The weather is still a bit warm so she can wear it like this, but when it will get colder, she can wear stockings and a vest or sweater.

My little champion deserved a Breakfast for Champions.                                  

Avo-Toast, Marble Cake, Bananas, and Orange Juice.

It’s been 2 weeks since the first day of school and thankfully everything has been going well so far. Baby Girl likes school and she even decided to join her school’s Choir Club. I’ve been waiting for everything to settle down, but I’m currently looking for an extra-curricular activity. She used to take dance lessons, but I’m not so sure anymore.

xoxo Elodie

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