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Filipino Spaghetti | Recipe

Hey, you! 🥳

Last Sunday, January 21 was my husband's 40th birthday. When I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday, he told me that he wanted to chill at home. He likes going out, but there's something about birthdays that trigger him. So when he told me that, I knew better than to insist. I decided to make him Filipino Spaghetti because we have the habit of eating long noodles on birthdays with the hope of longevity. 🍝

Filipino Spaghetti has a distinctly sweet sauce, usually made from Filipino tomato sauce, brown sugar, and banana catsup (or ketchup). We also use ground beef, hotdog, and grated cheese. This is every Filipino kids' favorite. Even my 15 year old teenager loves it and couldn't get enough of it when we were in the Philippines last summer. She loves it so much that she had leftovers for breakfast all week this week. Haha.

I actually posted a similar recipe on this blog a few years ago, except it didn't have banana catsup. Click here for the post. It is based on my late mother-in-law's recipe, using her secret ingredient - red bell pepper! There's no other way I can make my Filipino Spaghetti now than with red bell pepper. The only way it would make it perfect for me would be using Filipino red hotdog and Filipino grated cheese, but I just can't find any here.

If you've never had Filipino Spaghetti, don't knock it till you try! It's truly addictive!

What's your favorite Filipino dish? 🇵🇭

xoxo Elodie


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Marie-Pie Breton
Marie-Pie Breton

Gonna keep an eye open for this banana catchup! Sounds interesting!

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