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Fraisier (my first time!!!)

Hello, you! Personally, I am not much a dessert-person. In a restaurant, I will most likely choose a starter over a dessert most times. If I ever do choose a dessert, it will most probably be something with chocolate during « that time of the month ». When I was living in the Philippines, I had a lot of difficulty with local desserts. In fact, I can’t decide what my favorite Filipino dessert is. I usually would go with a platter of fresh fruits. Oh yeah, Philippines Mango are one of the best things ever! In France however, I do have a little weakness for the Fraisier.

So why Fraisier?? Well, I like strawberries that’s for sure. And what perfect timing, we are right in the beginning of the strawberry season. But really, it goes beyond that. For a long long time, I would order or ask for a Fraisier whenever we had something to celebrate. Birthdays, anniversary, family meals, …. And then one day, the Husband asked me why a Fraisier each time?

« I don’t know », I replied.

But his question kept popping in my head. It was only after a couple of months that I realized that this was in fact for as long as I can remember my childhood birthday cake. The one that my father would get me each and every year until the age of 8 when we moved to the Philippines.

Without really knowing it, I was doing what my parents used to do. And then I thought,  » How much do we do is actually influenced by our childhood? » Is the cycle in fact unbreakable?

Anyways, today I decided to try making a Fraisier from scratch. If you’ve seen one, you’d think wow this is just not possible. Unless you’re a professional or a passionate baker, that is. But I was up for the challenge. I went and got help from different recipes online, using my Thermomix (click here for the link) for some steps.

After what seemed like forever – I was finally done! I’m not much of a baker and yes, buying it from a store is so much easier, but I was quite happy with the result. Taste-wise, I was delighted. Esthetically, it obviously needs a lot of practice, but I know that is my weakness. Especially with the mirror glaze icing.

So, I won’t be giving you any recipe today. I just wanted to share the photo and the little story behind it I guess. Someday, I do hope to share the final recipe with you but honestly, I don’t see myself up to doing this anytime soon.

xoxo Elodie

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