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Fruits and Vegetables Home Delivery with Empi Fruits

Hey, you! I obviously made a mistake by going to the supermarket yesterday. I didn't think about the fact that it was right after Easter Monday. As soon as I got into the store, I saw the nearly empty fruit and vegetable corner, then I heard one of the store employee say to another customer that the delivery guy never got to deliver the goods because of the long weekend. Damn it. The thing is, we need fresh fruits and vegetables in our household. I still have some frozen fruits and vegetables in our freezer, but we still prefer the fresh kind.

I heard about Empi Fruits on Instagram. It's a fruit and vegetables seller who delivers at home. I read the online ratings and it looked pretty good. I was confident in ordering from them, so I sent an email in the morning. I received an email confirmation on the same day and was delivered on my front door the next day. This cost me a little over 30€. Nothing was missing from my order. They just gave me 2 pineapples instead of the big one I wanted. As you can see, they also deliver non-fruits and vegetable stuff like oil, flour, eggs, and etc ...

Will I order from them again, you might ask me? If I have no other choice, I think so. The only thing I'm iffy about is that they have a lot of fruits and vegetables coming from outside of France, which is not too great in my opinion. But ... oh well. Yeah, If I have no other choice though, I will order again from them. Plus, I forgot to mention that they gifted us with a free chocolate bar. The hazelnuts kind a.k.a. my favourite! That was a very thoughtful.

Make sure to thoroughly clean your fruits and vegetables! And not with bleach, please!! You have no idea how many people have been brought to the emergency room because of that!!! 😔😔

xoxo Elodie

Contact details: Empi Fruits

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