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Pure Leaf Bio: Thé Vert Menthe Fraise

Hello, you! One can buy some pretty interesting things in Stokomani. I swear that’s true. I go 3-4 times a month and I buy anything from office supplies, house décor, kitchen stuff, kids things, and washing detergent. Even chocolate and sweets! The only thing I don’t buy are clothes because unfortunately there isn’t anything in plus size!

My latest Stokomani purchase that I absolutely absolutely love is Pure Leaf Bio Thé Vert Menthe Fraise (1.29 Euros). I’ve been going back and buying a new box each time, but because Stokomani is sort of a surplus store, I know one day they will run out of this time and it’ll probably be difficult some again.

I’m a coffee kind-a gal, but I do enjoy a nice cup of tea especially in the afternoon. I also prefer the fruity kind. The chocolate/caramel/cinnamon kind is not my cup of tea. Pun intended. LOL

I just love the combination of green tea, mint, and strawberries. It’s slightly fruity from the strawberry, but also very refreshing from the mint. And the smell? So wonderful!

What do you usually buy in Stokomani?

xoxo Elodie

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