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Restaurant Derrière in Metz, France

Hey, you! If there’s one thing I like doing on the weekend (aside from spending time with my family) is going out for dinner with my friend V. In the past 6 months, we’ve tried going out at least once a month, just the two of us.

I am thankful for the life I have. It is not perfect, far from it actually. But I have: one, a husband that respects my independence and two, friends that I can count on. V is the friend I called when I had problems in my apartment (click here for the post) and she’s also the friend I had dinner with in the Lebanese restaurant, Au Coeur du Liban (click here for the post).

Today’s post is about Restaurant Derriere in Metz, France. This was actually back in April, before the launch of this blog and exactly one week after having dinner in Maison Baci with the Husband (click here for the post).

It was a Friday morning when V sent me a message asking if I was doing something that evening. I knew that day was going to be loonnng because of work, so I thought having dinner together would be an excellent idea to decompress.

Derriere in English means « behind ». So when I told V I wanted to eat in « Derriere / Behind » and she answered « Behind what? », I couldn’t help but laugh. Yeah, yeah I know – it doesn’t take much for me to laugh! ;p

But seriously, I had heard a lot of good things about this restaurant – the food, the vintage decors, the retro feel – that I couldn’t wait to try it. We ended up having a great evening! 😊

First things first – make sure to reserve. It’s not big and people love this restaurant, so chances are you might not have a table if you just walk-in. We came at 7PM. Most tables were empty, but quickly filled up. When we left, people were waiting outside in line.

Second, take time to admire the decors. I mean, who else has a plane carousel hanging from their ceiling?!

Third, the ambiance. Retro vintage. I was not disappointed.

Fourth, the food. Nothing fancy here. Food in Derriere feels very homey. Homey, but very delicious. Little info – choices are limited. 2-3 choices for starters, as well as for the main dish. This makes me think that ingredients for the dishes are more likely fresh and not frozen.

V and I started our meal by sharing a starter of Burrata, Sauteed Mushrooms, and Arugula. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of this.

Then we each had Risotto with Scallops, which was just perfection. The rice was flavorful, the scallops were perfectly cooked, but the cherry on top was the green apple and tomato salsa. This gave a mild acidity and crunchy texture to the dish. We absolutely loved it.

Plus, I feel like I need to mention it, but this cost only 22 Euros. Hint to Maison Baci and their Green Asparagus Risotto (click here for the post).

At this point, we were pretty satisfied. We hesitated about getting some dessert, but who are we kidding. No way either V or I could go home without some Italian Tiramisu. Calories-be-damned. LOL.

I feel like because I was in Maison Baci a week prior, that I couldn’t help but compare the two restaurants. I tried not to, but nope couldn’t help it. Especially when it came to the Tiramisu. This one here is exactly how a Tiramisu should be like.

I simply cannot praise Derriere enough. You know that feeling when your experience is as good as your expectations. Well that was the contentment that I felt that evening.

xoxo Elodie

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