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Roasted Chicken - with my special baste!

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Day 17. Emotionally it's getting harder. I can stay confined at home, that's no problem. Unlike so many other people who can't help but go outside despite the rules, I can stay home. But when I stay home, I need to occupy myself. Majorly.

Work, of course. That's a given. I work a lot. More than I had expected.

I've also been reading. I came to France with 1 book in my suitcase. Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. I was so sad to leave all of my books behind and stopped reading altogether. Thankfully, our monthly Book Club group gave me back that love. Last December, for my birthday, the Husband put up some shelves for my new growing collection. He knows me too well.

Late last night, our neighbour was taken by an ambulance. I didn't know her / his, but it really shook me up. This has put me in a not-so-great place. Non-stop, constant stress and worry.

I need comfort. And I find comfort in my kitchen. Cooking or eating. So on a shitty day like today, I thought I would go with one of my favorite food. Actually, I had no idea this was a favorite, until the Husband mentioned that we have it very often, whether it's homemade or market-bought.

It's true - I've made Roasted Chicken so many times that I have now my own fool-proof baste. I've had only good feedbacks from friends and family. So here it is:

In a bowl, I mix:

-about 50g of melted butter

-a tablespoon of garlic powder

-a tablespoon of soy sauce


-black pepper

Rub evenly the baste all over the chicken (inside as well). Roast at least 1 hour or more, depending on the size. Enjoy! 😋😋

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