Shortcrust Pastry | Pate Brisée

Updated: Jul 1

Hey, you! 🥮

After that last emotional post (click here for the post), it is now time to go back to some cooking. Some cooking basics actually, which is the new playlist I've recently started on our YouTube channel.

I find a lot of recipes and inspirations on YouTube, which I would have loved to have when I was learning how to cook many years ago. If you are new to the kitchen, then you will find all you need to start this new adventure! Cheers and take care! 😊

A Shortcrust Pastry / Pate Brisée is the perfect base for a savory quiche or tart and a sweet tart. Tuna Quiche, Tomato Tart, Strawberry Tart ... the choices are endless! Once you've mastered this, never will you have to go run to the store to get a prepared shortcrust pastry again (homemade is soooo much better!!). By the way, in the video above, I'm using a Thermomix Kitchen Robot, but you can easily do without or use whatever kitchen robot you have on-hand.

Shortcrust Pastry / Pate Brisée (Thermomix Recipe)


300g flour

125g butter

1 tsp salt

100g water (room temperature)


  1. Add all the flour, salt, butter in cube, and room temperature water.

  2. Knead 1 minute / knead mode.

  3. Transfer to a bowl.

  4. Knead into a ball. If you're not gonna use immediately, you can cover with cling wrap and freeze it.

  5. If you're going to use it immediately, place the dough in between two sheets of baking paper (or parchment paper) and roll out the dough.

If interested, please let me know if there's a cooking basic you'd like me to film!

xoxo Elodie