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The Best Coffee Frappé | Nutribullet Blender Recipe

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Hey, you! Let's talk coffee today. ☕

I used to love Starbucks when I was younger. It was always our go-to coffee place before and/ or after meals. Nowadays, I don't love it that much anymore. This probably happened when we moved to France and Starbucks wasn't available in our city. We had to make do and when Starbucks finally opened in our city, it just wasn't as good as I remembered it to be.

So I learned to make coffee on my own at home and loving it! I can make it exactly how I like it that day (depending on my mood) and most of all, I can control the sugar. I don't even want to think how much sugar is in one of those Starbucks drinks! 😱

Anyways, I wanted to share with you today my recipe for the best COFFEE FRAPPÉ ever. I have a secret ingredient which prevents it from being water-diluted. This is why I stopped ordering it out because I hate it when I get to the end of the drink and all I get is this disgusting watered slush.

Soooooo, my secret ingredient is ...... coffee iced cubes instead of using water ice cubes! Trust me, it's fantastic!

By the way, I like to our Nutribullet Blender, but I'm guessing you could use any blender you have on-hand.

xoxo Elodie

So, how do you like to drink your coffee?

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