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About Me

Hello!!! 😊😊

My name is Elodie. I am 31 years old (still can’t believe that!), French-Filipino, and currently living in France. I am married to my high-school sweetheart and we have an adorable daughter.

I have been blogging (for my own pleasure) for the past decade or so. I started with Une Table for Four (which I didn’t like), then Step by Step Cooking (I don’t know what happened with that), and finally I was really serious with Dinner at Six Thirty.

But ….

While cooking and travelling are still two of my ultimate passions, I have found myself really into house decors, beauty products, and fashion lately. Lifestyle, basically.

Which is why, I have decided to switch and start anew with A Life with Love.

Living the life I love. With the people I love. Doing the things we love. Putting into words the life I'm living. 

So like the slogan I chose for this blog, here I am trying and hopefully not failing.

Enjoy! <3

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