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Book: Les Gens Heureux Lisent et Boivent du Café by Agnes Martin-Lugand

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Hey, you! Last month, I mentioned one of my new year's resolution (click here), which is to read at least one French book per month. January's pick was a major disappointment, but this month definitely had more potential. It wasn't the best book by farrrrrr, but much better than last month's selection!

Les Gens Heureux Lisent et Boivent du Café. Happy People Read and Drink Coffee.

When Diane tragically loses her husband and her daughter, her world stops. She's lost in her pain. She doesn't know how to live anymore until she decides to move to Ireland. A strange place, far from her parents, her best friend, her responsibilities.

Personally, I love some of the parts of the book. As a wife and a mother myself, I was deeply moved by her pain. Several times I had tears rolling down my face. But I hated the male character, Edward. It was very hard for me to understand how his story connected to Diane and to the plot. I couldn't connect to him at all hence making it hard to understand him. In fact, I found myself trying to skip the pages he was in!

Anyways, I hear there is a sequel to this book and I'm very much looking forward to reading it next month! 😊😊

xoxo Elodie


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