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The Pumpkin Spice Café by Laurie Gilmore | Book Review + Questions

Hey, you! 🍂

Everything about this book reminded me of one of my favorite series ever, Gilmore Girls and for that alone, I loved it! 🥰

Small town setting. Grumpy male character. Sunshine female character. The comical town meetings. Coffee, coffee, coffee! Heck, even the author's name had Gilmore in it and Laurie = Lorelai. Potato, potatoh. 😂😂

Before anything - don't get into this book expecting to read "the book of the year", but if you read it for what it is, you'll enjoy it. It had the perfect fall vibe and it was an absolute treat to be able to read it on my favorite bench (while the weather allowed it) facing the tree and its falling leaves. I laughed at some parts, was even surprised by the tiny hint of mystery, and cheered at the love scenes.

Jeanie inherits the Pumpkin Spice Cafe from her Aunt who's off to the Caribbean for a retirement adventure. Jeanie is in need of a fresh start and is desperate to make everything in her new life and the café work. Following a few nights where Jeannie hears strange noises, she decides to find answers to her questions. She comes face to face and meets the ruggedly handsome local farmer Logan. There is an instant attraction between them, despite Logan's grumpy nature and Jeanie's sunshine spirit. They find themselves being brought together to solve the mystery happening. Jeanie becomes a loved member of the town, but Logan has an aversion to town gossip and is struggling to love again after a disastrous public marriage proposal. If you like the will they / won't they plotline, you'll surely like this.

All in all, it's a cute autumnal book (and I just realized a perfect book in between heavier ones!)

Book Club Questions:

  1. What do you think of the book cover?

  2. What was your favorite part of the book?

  3. Did you race to the end, or was it more of a slow burn?

  4. What did you think of the writing?

  5. Is this book overrated or underrated?

  6. Are there lingering questions from the book you're still thinking about?

  7. Which characters did you like best? Least?

  8. Did the book feel real to you?

  9. Did the twist surprise you?

  10. Did you like the heat level of the book?

  11. Was the couple's connect believable?

  12. Would you recommend this book?

  13. How did the book make you feel?

  14. What is the main theme or message of the book?

  15. How did you feel about the ending?

xoxo Elodie

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