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Amazon Finds | Bento Lunch Box

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Hey, you! 😊

Did I tell you that I have two students at home now? I do! My Husband has just started a continuing education program and I couldn't be happier for him. This means that he goes to school on some weeks and at the same time works his usual full-time hours. France has an incredible education program and it is state-funded too!

Having him go back to school means that I have to prepare a lunch box for him. Before anyone says anything, let me stop you here. Yes, he can make his own food. Yes, I am not his slave. But it makes me happy to do this for him. Food is after all, my love language. ❤️

I hate that I have to do this disclaimer, but I've seen the weirdest comments under social media posts of women preparing their husband's lunch. It's so bizarre and truthfully, ridiculous. People should be allowed to do what they please without constantly being judged.

Anyways ....

My daughter eats at the school cafeteria so I don't have to cook for her. But whenever she has a school field trip, it is with much joy that I do so. I've made Instagram Reels - have you seen them?

Filming those videos got me thinking that I don't really have any lunch boxes, except for the glass food containers that I bought at Ikea a few years ago. That's what I've been using in the IG Reels. So I thought I would look on Amazon, but making decisions isn't always so easy. I want to buy everything, but I know I can't. Help me? 🙏🏻

So first is this 2 compartment lunch box which caught my eye immediately. It looks like it can pack a lot of food and I can separate the savoury from the dessert. It also comes with a utensil set. Aesthetically, I love the bamboo lid. 😍

Premium Bento Lunch Box, 2 compartments, leak-proof, includes sauce container, divider, cutlery and chopsticks.

Similar to the first one, except that there is only one compartment. I feel like my Husband might prefer this one as it is lighter and easier to carry around. Definitely less bulky in his bag.

Invvni Bento Box Lunch Box Japanese Containers for Adults.

Not love at first sight, but I like that one compartment is clear and I love the colours. It comes with sauce cups and utensils, so it's really complete.

Linoroso Stackable Bento Box Adult Lunch Box

I absolutely love this but .... and there is a big but. It doesn't look convenient, especially if I want to pack a "saucy" meal and it's more expensive than the others. But, and this one is a good one, it is traditional, unique, and is gorgeous! There's just something about it! 😍

IZ JAPAN Traditional Japanese Bento Box

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It comes with sections. It's also not too bulky so it's easy to carry around- I like it!

Ecozoi Stainless Steel Lunch Box

I have included this one purely because it is round. Otherwise, it's pretty similar to the one before, except for the sections.

VARNAHOME Titanium Bento Box W/ Double Layers Design (600ML)-BPA Free

Sooo what do you think? Which one would you get?

xoxo Elodie

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