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Back-to-School / La Rentrée 2020

M-A-S-K. The word of the day / month / year 2020. Agreed?

Baby Girl is now in 5eme / grade 7. 😱😱

It's still hard to accept that my baby is now 12 years old. I know I say this every year, at every back-to-school, but I can't help it. What's worse is that I have a feeling this is the last back-to-school for us. The moment we got to school, Baby Girl hardly spent time with us, preferring to be with her friends. I can't blame her though. I think I was the same at her age, if not worse. Haha.

Like I was hinting at earlier, this back-to-school was particularly strange. Seeing all these children and faculty wearing masks. Tomorrow is the class photo. Will they be wearing a mask??

Baby Girl was glad to be going back to school. I was a little more apprehensive because the virus is still actively circulating in the air. I think I've come to accept the situation though. The truth is, there's nothing we can do. Of course, we should wash our hands, wear a mask, and keep our social distance. But outside of that, it's come what may. It's not like we can stay home and not live our lives.

Last year, Baby Girl got a new lilac-coloured Eastpak backpack (click here for the post) which she only used half of the year. We decided not to get a new one this year. If we had, I would have loved getting her a Levi's backpack. But anyways ...

Once again, we got her school supplies from Scoleo (click here for the website). This is such an easy way to buy school supplies for me! Especially with the language barrier. There are some things like feuilles blanches doubles perforées a petit carreaux ... what the hell is that??? Help Google translation help!

For her OOTD, we didn't buy anything new except for the shoes. Her dress came from a friend of mine and the bomber jacket is from last year's collection from the site La Cigogne (click here for the website).

We did however go a little overboard with her shoes. We got 4 pairs and I already have eyes on a pair of Doc Martens I want to get her in October.

Pair #1: Vans Primary Check Old Skool

Pair #2: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Eva Everyday Ease

** If you want to get 10€ off of your first order on Spartoo, send me your name and email address.

Pair #3: Nike Team Hustle

Pair #4: Derbies Noir Lovely Skull

Thankfully, the Husband and I took the day off. To comfort and console one another. Haha. The first day of school is always hard for some reason. Harder for me I think. I guess all year long I'm in some sort of denial that I have no choice but to face on this day. I can't help but wonder if that was the same case for my parents?

Anyways, how about you? How do you feel about this year's back-to-school? Especially with this particular Covid-19 situation.

xoxo Elodie

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