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Hello March! 🌸

Updated: Mar 3

Hey, you! 😊

I once had a trainee who was so surprised when I would point out all the positive things my trainees would do. In his own words, he was "used to being told only when bad things happened". In turn, I was also surprised because I thought to myself, why shouldn't we talk about things when they are going well?

Anyways .. same goes with me here.

In the past months (years?), I have shared my lowest life points here as part of my therapy and I guess I just wanted to share how well I've been doing and feeling lately.

As I've already mentioned here, I basically did a reset of my life a few months back. I quit anything and anyone who was taking too much of my energy. I needed to focus on me and my well-being. Many days, I sat down in my living room reflecting on life and where I wanted to head at. It took some time, but eventually, things became clear. I slowly started feeling better in my head and perhaps this helped me feel better physically as well. I haven't been ill since last November and I knock on wood. I thought we would pick up some virus or winter cold, but we've been doing really well which I'm so thankful for.

As I was making my February recap IG reels, I realized how happy I've been lately. Unfiltered happiness. Which is a major turnabout from how I was doing a few months back.

I don't believe in regrets - but had I known, perhaps I would have done a reset earlier? Nahhh, I guess it happened when it was supposed to happen. When I was ready.

So February was really good to us and I've finally started feeling like myself. I pray that it only gets better from there. 🙏

Here are some things I've decided to do this March:

  1. Refresh my spring wardrobe. Gotta check out Vinted (love this application!) and I see a trip to our local vintage store in the near future.

  2. Plan a family weekend getaway

  3. Buy concert tickets

  4. Spring cleaning

  5. Donate house stuff

  6. Try a new restaurant

  7. Start a new exercise routine

  8. Drink Matcha

What's your wish for March?

xoxo Elodie


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