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Book: La Vie est Facile, Ne T'inquiete Pas by Agnes Martin-Lugand

Hey you! Last month I decided to read Les Gens Heureux Lisent et Boivent du Café (click here) and I really liked it. Naturally, I wanted to give its sequel a go.

La Vie est Facile, Ne T'inquiete Pas | Life is Easy, Don't Worry

In this book, we follow Diane as she goes back to Paris. She busies herself with managing again her literary coffee place and meets new people. Then of course, something happens ...

This rarely happens but I happened to prefer this book, the sequel. The story is very moving. I feel like the first book was about saying goodbye to her husband while this one was dealing with the death of her daughter. And that was beautiful. It's not too long but with enough details to make me cry a year or two. A must-read! ❤️❤️

xoxo Elodie

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