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Dreams of Death (over and over again .. )

Hey, you! 🙏

What does it mean when you dream of death? What does it mean when the person you've dreamed of has already died? And what does it mean when this has happened 4 times in 3 months?

Here's the story ...

In 2013, my father passed away (click here for the post) following a heart surgery + old age. Although I will always feel bad about not being with him when he took his last breath, he died peacefully. It's been years now since his passing and I think I've reached the acceptance stage of grief. Which is why dreaming about my dad this way came so unexpectedly.

I've had 4 dreams.

Dream 1 - He was driving a car and I was sitting in the passenger seat. He started having a heart attack and it looked super serious. I was freaking out so much that I forced myself to wake up.

Dream 2 - He was swimming in black water with my husband and daughter. My husband and daughter were able to swim to shore, but sadly my father was struggling. He drowned while I was stuck standing watching him. This was very violent for me to experience and I woke up sobbing.

Dream 3 - This was a brief dream. He was struggling to breathe - almost like he was suffering from COVID. I didn't see him pass away, but I know he did.

Dream 4 - I saw him from afar lying down peacefully in his hospital bed. Kinda like what happened in real life. He was glowing.

These dreams were very violent for me - to see him die over and over again. To feel again the pain of losing him. To see him alive one second and dying the next.

So why am I dreaming these dreams? I don't know.

According to Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, professional dream analyst, "Death in dreams is really about some kind of change or ending you're dealing with in your real life. The subconscious will show us this change in the form of a death so we can better understand the finality of it."

But does it mean the same when the person has already passed away?

According to the website The Daily Meditation, "One big mistake people make with interpretations is taking things literally."

Furthermore, according to Dreamy Obsessions, "Dreaming about a dead dying again can represent a profound internal change, improvement, self-discovery and pleasant evolution in your life. You are going through a transition phase that makes you more receptive and spiritual. Great changes await you. You will make a new start by leaving the past behind. You may dream of a dead dying again if you are about to get married or divorced, get a promotion or move to a new country.

So I'm still not sure what these dreams mean. Whether there will be a change soon or not. If there is, I'll let you know here, for the meantime, I would just like them to end.

xoxo Elodie

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