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Ginataang Monggo and Pork | Filipino Recipe

Updated: May 21, 2023

Hey you! 🇵🇭

Ginataang Monggo and Pork or Filipino Mung Bean with Coconut Milk and Pork is the perfect comfort food. This is hearty and oh-so-delicious! ❤️

But it seems depending where you are from in the Philippines, Ginataang Monggo is enjoyed differently. I realised that when I posted my Instagram Reels online. A lot of the comments I received from fellow Filipinos were that they were surprised by the recipe and that they had never tried it that way. So I looked online and was surprised to see that indeed Ginataang Monggo is also enjoyed as a dessert (sans pork, of course).

A few years ago, when the Husband and I were still dating, we had lunch at his place between classes. Someone had cooked Ginataang Monggo and oh my Lord, I could not stop eating. I can still remember the Husband buying extra rice at a nearby carenderia because he knew it would make me happy. I've always been spoiled by him. 😂😂

Do you eat monggo as a main dish or as a dessert? 😀

xoxo Elodie

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