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Inventing Anna | Everything is true except ...

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Hey, you! 🤓

We finally finished watching Netflix's Inventing Anna last weekend. I feel like we are the last people in our circle of friends and acquaintances to watch Anna Sorokin / Delvey and her shenanigans. But after this series, I seriously feel like we might have been living under a rock for all these past years because we had absolutely not heard a thing about her. Same goes with Simon Siriek and yes, we are finally watching the Tinder Swindler. Hashtag last to arrive at the party. Hahahaha

It's hard to react to the series knowing that there are people contesting it. I can't help but wonder how accurate the storyline is. On one hand, there is Netflix and what seems like a pretty logical tale of what happened, and on another hand is Rachelle DeLoache Williams and her Instagram account.

Is the Netflix show fictionalising large parts of the story?

Are they painting Anna Sorokin as some kind of modern day hero / Robin Hood?

If yes, then why?

Which parts were exaggerated?

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The Netflix show was quite interesting. It got weird and confusing (the flashbacks, for example), but still very intriguing. This was not a series we could stop watching mid-way, you know. Julia Garner was wonderfully perfect in the role of Anna Sorokin. I haven't watched Ozark yet, but my husband did and he said she was really good in that series too!

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What I have most issues with in the show is with Rachel's storyline.

What were her intentions? A real friendship or a friendship of convenience?

Did she lose to gain or gained to lose?

Victim or vulture? It's hard to tell!

What did you think about Inventing Anna?

xoxo Elodie

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