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Japhy | Bogart the Pug

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Hey, you! 🐶🐶

Our adorable pug, Bogart is now 5 years old. Remember when we celebrated his birthday? Click here for the post.

We're so blessed to have him in our family. He brings us so much joy and laughter. I don't want to assume things, but I think he feels equally blessed. As I'm writing this post, he is currently taking his morning nap on our bed . His head is on my pillow and half his body is covered by the duvet. He looks quite comfortable! Hahaha And of course, he is clean in case you're wondering, otherwise he wouldn't be on our bed.

He has a pretty nice life. He wakes up at 6am, has his breakfast (his only meal of the day), and goes out for a long walk. When he comes back, he is washed (not a bath) and takes his morning nap. He wakes up, stretches, and prepares lunch with me. He waits while I eat and when I'm done he has a lil treat. Then he takes his afternoon nap. He wakes up and gets ready to exercise with his dad. They work on tricks. While I prepare dinner, he'll ask for a fresh vegetable (his favorite are carrots!). He waits while we have dinner. After dinner, he likes to beg his dad to stay on his lap. If his dad is ok then he'll stay on his lap, otherwise he likes to rest on his favorite arm chair in the living room. When we move to the bedroom, he follows us, stays a bit while we read a book or surf, then he moves to his bed in the bathroom when it's lights out. He usually asks to go out to pee 2-3 times a day. It's a pretty nice life, no?

Last July, he received a discovery pack which you can see on the video above. Thanks to Japhy (click here for their website) he felt very spoiled! If only all dogs in the world could be as lucky. ❤️❤️

Recently, he received a huge bag of Japhy kibbles (chicken and vegetables). He absolutely loves their kibbles and enjoys his breakfast so much! He inhales his food! Hahaha They also gave him a tennis ball, but unfortunately it is a bit too big for his small mouth.

There are so many reasons why we think Japhy is so great. One, it is made in France. Two, it is made of natural ingredients. Three, it is gluten-free. Fourth, it is high in protein. And finally, as I mentioned earlier, Bogart the Pug absolutely loves it!

You can use this code: Japhy722j

If you do you will be able to :

-be able to receive the DISCOVERY PACK for 2€

-or 30% off your FIRST ORDER 😊

xoxo Elodie

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