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La Cave Beef Club, Metz France - what a disastrous dinner!! (wedding anniversary)

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

The Husband and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary today. Eleventh! That's a lot, but nothing like the actual number of years we've been together - 18. I, for a couple of years now, have been with my husband for more than half of my life. How crazy is that!

Well not really crazy, he and I, we make sense. Me without him, that would definitely be crazy! Although some days, I want to strangle him, but ultimately I love him even more than the first day I saw him. 🥰🥰

The Husband and I decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary by going to dinner at the restaurant La Cave Beef Club in Metz, France. It's funny because we actually wanted to go 2 anniversaries ago, but cancelled. I can't seem to remember why, but I guess my younger self was wiser than my now self. 😅😅

Anyways, we arrived at around 7pm. I had reserved ahead of time. The waiter was very nonchalant, telling us to choose a table with a nod of his head. I didn't think much about it due to the Covid-19 protocol and all. Truthfully, it's hard to tell with the masks and all.

On paper, this place looks good. Heck, most reviews online are pretty positive which is why we were pretty excited to try it out.

So imagine my surprise when nothing happened the way we were expected them to.

Choices shouldn't be on the menu if they're unavailable!

First, they ran out of T-bone, which is my favorite beef cut and what I was really looking forward to getting. But I was told that they had ran out at lunch. I asked the waiter if for the next time we could reserve our table and the beef and he answered back, "no can do". Great! 👍🙃

The second choice was a Tomahawk, but that baby weighed at least 1.5kg which was obviously too big for just the two of us.

So we went with a French Cote de Boeuf, 50-day aged, 12€/100g.

But it was served burnt!

The inside of the steak was good, but I really didn't care for that burnt after-taste in my mouth. It completely ruined the 90€, 750g steak, we paid for.

Of course, I had to say something, so I told the person-in-charge exactly what I thought only to be dismissed by a "this is the way we cook our meat, we use a charcoal grill, blah blah blah". Like I mentioned earlier, the meat was good (the little unburnt part that is), but I'm thinking either the chef forgot to clean the grill or someone else filled in for him that day.

Cherry on top? The Chimichurri sauce was surprisingly bland!

Then he casually asked, "would you like to order a dessert?"

"Pfffff, yeah right! If you think I'm gonna get anything else from this place, you're dreaming," I thought to myself.

Instead, the Husband and I walked 50 meters to the fave ice cream place, Amorino. Super-friendly staff, delicious ice cream, perfect weather. The Husband and I each had a 5€ cup full of delicious pistachio, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream.

Cotton Skies ❤️❤️

When you think about it, it's kinda funny to think of getting so much pleasure from a 5€ cup of ice cream contrary to a 90€ steak. I can't help but think about what it means. What life is. It's not about what you're eating, but with who you're eating with. ❤️❤️

xoxo Elodie

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