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One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus | Book Review + Questions

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Hey, you! 🔖

One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus was on my TBR shelf for some time, but when I saw that the series was coming out on Netflix, I just knew it was time to get down and dirty. 😜

Five high school students walk into detention, but only 4 make it out alive.

Soooo, what happened? Who killed Simon and why? The possibilities are endless!

One of Us is Lying is a mix of The Breakfast Club x Elite and oddly enough, there was something very addictive about this book. Each main character was distinctly different and I quite enjoyed the character development. It's not the most complex murder mystery, but I still found it thrilling and .... fun!

⭐ = 4

Book Club Questions:

  1. Would you have given the book a different title? If yes, what would your title be?

  2. What did you think of the writing style and content structure of the book?

  3. Would you recommend the book to a friend?

  4. Which character did you most relate to and why?

  5. Were there times you disagreed with a character’s actions? What would you have done differently?

  6. What is the importance of social media in One of Us is Lying?

  7. What surprised you most about the book? Why? Were there significant plot twists and turns?

  8. Of the secrets the main characters were keeping, whose surprised you most? Whose surprised you least? Why?

  9. What did you think of Bronwyn and Nate's romance in the novel?

  10. What did you think of Addy’s transformation over the course of the novel?

  11. At what point in the book did you have an idea what was going on? What was the key clue that gave it away?

  12. What (if any) questions do you still have about the plot?

  13. How have the characters changed by the end of the book?

  14. What do you think will happen next to the main characters?

What did you think of the book? And ... Have you already watched the series? 😊😊

xoxo Elodie

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