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Plan Your Ideal Year | Podcast

Updated: Jan 12

Hey, you! 😊

Today’s episode is going to be an interactive one. So before we begin and I tell you what we’re about to do together, please grab a piece of paper, or better yet, a notebook and something to write with. 


Let’s plan our new year together. 

Personally I like doing this mid-January after the euphoria of the new year celebration and perhaps getting over a hangover. But with that said, I like having a clear mind before I plan my year. 

This episode is based on a Youtube channel that I particularly like called Lavendaire. Make sure to check out her channel. She is a lifestyle creator sharing knowledge and inspiration on creating your dream life. Her content is amazing and I hope you will get inspired for this new year. 

Today, we will work together on some prompts she shared in planning for 2024. 


⭐ Prompt Number 1  - What is my theme for 2024? 

Honestly, in all my years of planning and goal setting, I have never thought about identifying a theme. But it actually makes a lot of sense to start with that. The theme is essentially the intention that you set for your entire year. As Lavendaire says, it serves as your guiding light for the entire year. It guides you to know what kind of year you want to have.  And your goals will be based on that theme. 

This can be one word or a short phrase. Some might want Growth. Others might want balance after an overwhelming 2023. It can also be focusing on one’s health for example. 

My theme is going to be Discipline. As I mentioned in the episode last week, one realization I recently had is how important discipline is. You can be as motivated or as creative as you want, but if you lack discipline, something’s missing in the equation.

I’m not a routine person. Never was. I used to think that routine and discipline went hand in hand together, but I was mistaken. Yes, disciplined people often follow a consistent routine, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they do the exact same thing every day. Instead, they may have a general structure to their days, with set times for certain activities. But they also allow for flexibility to adapt to unexpected events. Discipline does not equal to monotony, which I think I am allergic to. In fact, I think that discipline is sticking to whatever one needs to do until it is complete even if it is difficult. There is a structure, but the content is different. 

And so that’s why, with that realization, I want my theme for 2024 to be discipline. 

So tell me have you decided on your theme? 

⭐ Prompt Number 2 - What can I do to embody my theme this year? 

This is what you are actually going to do in regards to your theme. Your actions. 

What actions can you follow based on your theme? 

For my theme of discipline, I will start by getting a calendar to write down the events of the year so I can base my work content on that for example. Or finally sticking to a to-do list, prioritizing daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. I find myself being behind in a lot of my work so I’m hoping that these two tools will help. I work hard and I work long hours, but I don’t always feel like I’m working efficiently. My mind wanders off a lot and sometimes I feel like I’m all over the place. I believe that structure will help me with that. Ten open but unfinished projects, will never equal to one successfully completed project. 

On a personal note, I’m not a teenager anymore so I want to take care of myself more, for example skin care and hair care which are both important. Whenever I watch a skin care routine online, I get inspired, but after a few weeks I just give up completely. Knowing what inspires me is important so whenever motivation is low, I have to find a source. 

Writing down actions that you will do is vital because you can’t just have a theme and not do anything about it. You need both the theory and practice. 

⭐ Prompt number 3 - How do I want to evolve in 2024? 

Hmmm that is quite interesting. How do I see myself three, six, twelve months from now?

What is the future? What does the future me look like? Perfect skin, fit body, planner in hand, walking down the streets of my city. Haha Just kidding. 

I would like the future version of me, not running after time or being behind schedule. 

Like, oh it’s Valentine’s day two weeks from now, but I’ve already filmed, uploaded, blogged about it in hope it will reach people in time and inspire them. Who wants to watch a Valentine’s Dinner Idea video or read about it two days after Valentine’s?? 

If you struggle with this prompt, perhaps you can draw yourself on a piece of paper and using arrows write down descriptive words to represent the best version of yourself. For me, always on time, checking off things on a to-do list, being present, feeling content with my work. 

⭐ Prompt number 4 - What do I want to release in 2024? 

What are you ready to let go to move forward? What is anchoring you down? Excess baggage and obstacles in your way will only slow you down, if not stop you completely. 

These are the things you need to deal with so that the path in front of you is clear. 

Because what’s the point of all of this, if you haven’t cleared the pathway. Make things easier for you. 

As Lavendaire said, you want to be able to move forward into the new year as light and positive as possible. Take with you what you need and leave what you don’t need. 

Create an environment of support for you. 

⭐ Prompt number 5 - What are your main goals for 2024? 

For this prompt, I’m going to prioritize and limit my main goals to 3-5 to begin with. I don’t want to be all over the place with my goals. I would like to focus on my main priorities and eventually change my list as the year goes, depending on what’s happening and my needs.  Because that’s it for me. I want to focus on what I need. What is necessary for me. 

Ask yourself what is a need and what is a desire. A need will be necessary to move forward. A desire helps but will not be an obstacle if you don’t achieve it. 

Lavendaire suggests writing why that goal is important to you which I think is a great idea. 

Because if I ever feel lost or not as motivated, this can be a great reminder of why I’m doing this. 

But also, ask yourself if you really want it. Or is it because you see it everywhere around you?

For example, let’s say your theme is health and your goal is to go to the gym at least 4 times a week. But do you really like going to the gym? Or do you already see yourself in the future dragging your feet going there? On the other hand, you’ve always loved hiking or playing tennis? And you take great pleasure in doing both. So why not do that instead? 

So, what do you really want? You will not be able to set your goals if you aren’t fully motivated deep inside. And it will not work. For example, you want to read more books. You buy hundreds of books but deep inside you don’t take any pleasure from it. Trust me, those books will never be read. 

Think about this - do more things that you love that align to your goal. 

⭐ Prompt number 6 - Which is my most important goal? 

Basically, choose that one goal that would make you feel the most satisfaction from fulfilling it. And would make you feel really proud. 

⭐ The last prompt, Prompt number 7 - Break down that goal. 

Give it a timeline and see where you’re at each step of the way. Be accountable. Track your progress. Seeing how far you've come and where you’re at is a great source of motivation. Goal tracking is a key part of the goal setting process. It helps you stay accountable, measure progress, identify roadblocks, and keep motivation high.

Lavendaire says that this is the secret to achieving goals. Break it down and set actionable steps for each month and week. 

But also, I think tracking your progress also helps not put too much pressure on yourself.  Don’t do it. Don’t pressure yourself. Instead, Listen to yourself. If today you haven’t made as much progress as yesterday, that’s fine. It doesn’t mean that tomorrow will be the same. 

And perhaps tomorrow will even have less progress. But in the end, any progress, big or small, ultimately means you’re not at the same point you were the day before. And that’s always good. We are taught to be kind to others, but it’s important to start with oneself first. 

Show yourself some love and believe in you. 

xoxo Elodie


Link for Season 2, Episode 2🎙️


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