Potato and Smoked Salmon Salad

Hey, you!!  It’s been 4 days (I think?) since I last posted here and I’ve been itching to do so. I still find that it’s a little tricky to write on a weekday because of my busy work schedule, family duties, and going to gym. That last one is about 2 months old and miraculously I am not tired of it yet. I guess my body knows that I’m not getting any younger and I’ve been carrying these extra kilos for damn too loooonnnnng!Anyways, today is Friday, but it’s also a public holiday. We are celebrating the French national day or Bastille day as what my American friends say. I forgot to watch the grand military parade this morning on television and I can’t help but think of my late father. This was his thing – spending the 14th of July glued to the television. I think I mentioned to the husband that someday I would like to see it live in Paris, however I don’t see that happening any time soon. We are, however, going to watch the Fireworks display in Metz tonight. I’m a big kid at heart and I love fireworks. Sometimes I cry.Ssshhh …that will be our secret! I thought the husband and I could go to the Plan d’Eau in Metz, but I have a trainee who suggested watching the fireworks from Mont Saint-Quentin. The husband and I are still going back and forth on where we want to go. I can’t wait to tell you all about it in tomorrow’s post. In the meantime, let me tell you about a really simple recipe I like to prepare during the summer. This Potato and Smoked Salmon Salad is great especially when I’m sick and tired of eating grilled food, which happens a lot around here in the summer. I originally posted this recipe in my previous website, Dinner at Six Thirty, so maybe you already know it. This might happen a lot here – me posting recipes and posts from my old website.Anyways ….

Potato and Smoked Salmon Salad

In a serving bowl, prepare the vinaigrette by mixing together:

*2 tablespoons of vinegar

*6 tablespoons of oil

*1 tablespoon of crème fraiche

*1 finely diced shallot

*1 pinch of fresh diced chives (you may use dill)



Boil some potatoes ahead and set it aside. By the way, this salad may be eaten slightly warm, room temperature, or chilled. I personally like it when the potatoes are fully cooled before peeling and slicing them. Add to the serving bowl.  

Add smoked salmon. I like to slice the salmon in large bite slices.  

Mix together well so that the vinaigrette evenly coats the potatoes and smoked salmon. Enjoy! 😊

xoxo Elodie

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