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Quickshine Deep-Fat Fixer | Amazon Kitchen Hacks

Updated: May 25, 2022

Hey, you! 🤓🤓

Soooo ... I cannot NOT share with you my latest discovery! It's simply amazing and a


I haven't fried any food in a wok or frying pan for a while now. First because I love my air fryer (click here). But mostly because of the hassle of disposing used cooking oil.

For information (and I have met people who didn't know this or preferred to ignore it) but dumping excess grease or oil down the drain is a big NO-NO because one, it can clog up your pipes and two, it can cause a lot of damage to the sewage system. It might be tempting to dump it down the sink or toilet but DON'T!!!

What I do in France is I wait for the oil to cool down, transfer it to a bottle or canister, then when the bottle or canister is full I go to the waste disposal site. Eventually, I just stopped frying food because I didn't want to go through the hassle and I was fine with sacrificing that.

But that was before.

Photo taken:

Thanks to Quickshine Deep-Fat Fixer disposing of used cooking oil is not a messy and unpleasant experience anymore. As I mentioned earlier, it is a life-changer! It turns used oil solid which you can simply dispose in the bin.

Each box comes with 2 100g-sachet. Each sachet treats 3 litres of used oil. The instructions and dosage information are clearly indicated on the box. You can use it in a regular fryer, a compact fryer, a chip pan, and a wok or frying pan.

I posted an IG Reel of me using the product and I was happy to read in the comments section that some countries are already using this. Makes me wish I knew about this sooner, but anyways, I was also super happy to share it to my community.

And last but not the least, it is made from 100% non-toxic eco-safe ingredients!

What are you thoughts about this product? :)

xoxo Elodie

Click here if you want to get the product - Amazon FR or Amazon US.

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