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Santa Baby ❤️❤️

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Hey, you! 👶

I woke up to wonderful news today - Baby G is born!

One of my closest friends here in Metz gave birth to her beautiful baby early this morning. She was due later this month, but we all could tell that she wouldn't reach her due date. She is too dynamic for her own good. Hehehe

After receiving this wonderful news, I just knew my day would be good. I was stressed on Monday from the workload, but today I felt light (despite having the same workload as yesterday!). We'll see tomorrow. Haha. But today, the world has welcomed another beautiful blessing and I'm enjoying it.

In other news, Bogart the Pug is thoroughly enjoying his Advent Calendar. A little too much though 'cos he likes to hang out in front of it, waiting to get his treats. Hahaha. I don't know if I should feel amused or bad for him. So far, he has enjoyed all the treats he received!

Talking about treats, our daughter S came home with one of my favorite cookies ever for my afternoon snack or what the French call "le gouter". I'm not kidding when I say that sometimes I ask myself who's the parent and who's the child at home. Hahaha. She was the sweetest child ever and is now the sweetest teenager ever. Knock on wood. 🪵

xoxo Elodie

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