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Sick, Yet Again

Updated: May 17, 2023

Hey you! 🤒

Why is it that I'm sick every time I feel like writing a heart-to-heart post here?

The past year has been really difficult for me regarding my physical and mental health. I've noticed some changes in me ever since I got Covid last year.

I got Covid on Easter 2022. I didn't have any serious symptoms. I basically had a runny nose which is why initially I didn't think I had Covid. I just thought that it was spring allergies. A few days later, my daughter S had a migraine, tested positive, and I did too.

I can't say for sure that the two have a link. But since last year, I've been getting sick so easily! I never used to be sick like this, but without any exaggeration, in a year I've had the flu, twice bronchitis, bad allergies, asthma, really bad cough, major fatigue, and I've lost my voice for like a week (currently losing my voice again!). This is huge for me because in my 37 year existence, this has only happened now. And I'm not talking about my menstruation issues - that's another story.

Not only do I feel vulnerable and fragile, but I also feel like when I get sick, it goes down rapidly. This is something that I talked about with a friend the other day and she feels exactly the same. The Husband and I joke that it's probably from age, since I am nearing my 40th birthday, but my friend is in her early 30's and as I mentioned feels the same way as I do.

As I'm typing this, I feel like sh*t. I've been coughing for a week now - asthma from spring allergies. Which I feel like is taking a toll on my mental health, just like every other time I have felt ill. I try to go out because thankfully the weather has improved, but when you're out and about and coughing till sometimes to the point of vomitting, people look at you like you are carrying the plague. Or Covid.

Have I transferred my bad mood to you by now? I hope not! Let me share a reels I recently posted online - our April 2023 recap. As I mentioned, I've been trying to be out and about - Easter at the countryside, chilling with friends, enjoying the local book fair, being with family, and supporting the run against cancer. I just want to focus on the good times. 😺

As May is here, this is my clue to get down to business regarding my daughter's confirmation ceremony. Two months ago, I was super excited about this and started working on it, but unfortunately lost a bit of interest while I was ill. It's time to finalise things and I can't wait to write about it here.

xoxo Elodie

P.S. My oximeter has been so useful this past year. Never thought I would use it this much!

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