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Wake Me Up When September Ends?

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Hey, you! 😊

By the way, I hate that song reference (title ⬆️⬆️), but I do feel that way today.

Back to normal? Oh yeah! Fortunately, unfortunately? A lil of both, I suppose. It's back to school tomorrow so I quickly came up with a weekly meal plan. Gosh, I need to go back to my good old habits. Or do I? I'm not too sure, though.

Let me explain.

I've been posting all about our Philippines trip and I'm finally done (I think lol), but at the same time, it's not like life stopped. It kept going and there's been a lot of good and bad, especially one bad.

Since coming back from the Philippines, the Husband and I were feeling quite ill. S wanted to go and stay with my niece at the countryside which was perfect. So we went to the countryside to pick Bogart the Pug up who was staying with my niece and I dropped S. I was coughing so bad that I knew I badly needed some rest. Oh and yeah, the jet lag didn't help at all! I would wake up early in the morning not knowing where I was. The Husband woke up one time and asked, "What time are we checking out?" HAHAHA

Happy to be home, but not too happy to know that we were on vacation without him 😆😆

When I started feeling better, I thought I would start blogging, but guess what? My laptop broke down! It basically won't turn on, even if I charge it. Something is probably up with the battery. Anyways, I've been using my husband's laptop, our tablet, and my phone to blog. It was strange for a while, but I've adapted.

S finally came home last Thursday and we agreed to go shopping yesterday. She got a cute pair of jeans, a couple underwear, some school supplies, and a face cleanser she's been begging for. Her friend's mother is a dermatologist and she says CeraVe is quite good for her skin. I'm always so hesitant for her to put things on her face because she has no blemishes and I'm afraid that if she uses something too aggressive it will cause breakouts.

Anyways, S and I were in the changing room of H&M when my sister called me. She NEVER calls me in the middle of the afternoon, so I knew something was up. And I was right - our uncle passed away. He was old, but it was quite sudden so it came as a shock. The last time I saw him was during the confirmation of S (click here for the post) and I thought we would have more Christmases and Birthdays together. S spent some time with him at the countryside and she was inconsolable. I have to admit that I didn't have any sleep yesterday because I kept thinking of him.

We spent today at a friend's country home and it felt strange to laugh and have fun with friends when my uncle just passed away. But I knew that he wouldn't want me to be sad for him. Being with friends today did change my mind and put me out of this sad funk I was in. I didn't think I would be back to the countryside so soon but I guess I will. 😢

How's your start of September?

xoxo Elodie

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